No finance minister can succeed under Lungu – Sejani

NO finance minister can succeed under President Edgar Lungu because he has his priorities upside down, says Ackson Sejani.
In a statement in the wake of Dr Bwalya Ng’andu’s appointment as finance minister, Sejani said it was very “difficult to work under a visionless president”.
Citing Dr Ng’andu’s predecessors in President Lungu’s administration, Sejani, a former local government minister, said the Head of State had prioritised personal comfort over national considerations.
“It doesn’t matter whether you are Felix Mutati, Margaret Mwanakatwe or Bwalya Ngandu, you will fail if the head is not functioning well. No finance minister can succeed under Mr Lungu because he has his priorities upside down,” he said.
“He prioritises his personal comfort and politics above the economy. That is why he will tell his finance minister to prioritise buying a Gulf Stream [jet] above service delivery in critical sectors like agriculture, education and health. You can’t have a president who insists on bringing back deputy ministers in an economy which is on its knees. When the Minister of Finance objects, she is served a notice of dismissal!”
Sejani added that the country couldn’t have a president paying lip service to the fight against corruption and when that same economy suffers under the weight of corruption, the minister is thrown under the bus as a sacrificial lamb.
“It never works that way. I hope [justice minister] Given Lubinda has seen what has happened to Margaret Mwanakatwe. He will also go the same way when his NDF [National Dialogue Forum] project collapses under people power pressure. Mr Lungu will quickly launder himself in the eyes of some gullible Zambians by simply firing Given,” stated Sejani.
“We know these things! By the way, PF has not rejected any amendments to the Constitution because it is PF who conceived and brought these evil and inconsiderate bills to parliament. PF have just discovered that they are hitting their heads against a brick wall. Well done Zambians, but the fight must continue to get rid of the whole bill.”

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