US seeks to intimidate the world – Diaz-Canel

THE US seeks to intimidate the entire world, charges Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel. He contends that moving a country, no matter how small it may be, is the work of giants. Closing the National Assembly of People’s Power session in Havana last Saturday, President Diaz-Canel accused President Donald Trump’s administration of intending to quickly destroy the system of international relations built around the norms and principles of the United Nations Charter.

“I must additionally devote a few words to the international situation and the role and place of Cuba in this new “Hour of the Furnaces” that Washington’s policies have imposed on the world

United States’ aggressive, arrogant behaviour, a serious danger to peace, security, and the existence of resources on which life on the planet depends, associated with the use of nuclear weapons and progressive climate change,” he said.

“Those who are now in charge of the political leadership of this influential nation have shown that they disregard commitments and legal instruments freely agreed upon by the great majority of states, ignoring the right to self-determination of peoples, and denying the principle of sovereign equality among nations. They believe that their government’s desires can be imposed on others, including their own allies, through threat or punishment, with the imposition of punitive trade tariffs and other coercive, unilateral measures. In more serious cases, they resort to unconventional warfare or armed conflicts, regardless of the consequences, the coups, or the open, overt imposition of so-called regime change strategies.”

President Diaz-Canel said in the Western Hemisphere, the US government had openly declared the validity and implementation of the infamous Monroe Doctrine, an old instrument of colonialism, neo-colonialism, and imperialism. He said the doctrine denies the right to self-determination, threatens the sovereignty of all nations in the Americas, without exception, and seeks to intimidate the entire world. President Diaz-Canel said the US had launched numerous types of aggression against Venezuela, all banned by the United Nations, but has not been held accountable for the promotion of violence in that country.

“…economic sabotage; assassination plots; the application of economic measures aimed at causing the population suffering and hardship; the financing and organisation of coups; the theft of sovereign assets; and the opportunistic use of humanitarian aid for the purpose of political destabilization,” he cited among US interventions.

“The conduct of the United States toward Cuba continues to cling to the objective of economic strangulation, through the tightening of the blockade, the promotion of political subversion, to which tens of millions of dollars are dedicated every year with the intention of dividing, confusing, and weakening the unity of our people, and a fierce propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting the Revolution, its leaders, its glorious historical legacy; denigrating our economic and social policies in favour of development and justice; and liquidating political forces of the left and popular movements, resorting to McCarthyism to attempt to destroy the ideas of socialism.”

At national level, President Diaz-Canel said given the magnitude of the obstacles generated by bureaucracy, insensitivity, indolence, and other ills, some believed it would not be possible to get ahead and with a certain dose of fatalism, which paralyses and curbs enthusiasm, they affirm, “there isn’t anyone who can fix this.

“I am also aware of the sincere concern of some who believe that we demand too much of ourselves, or that all the value is in our personal action, and even that we take on tasks that “are not those of a President”,” said President Diaz-Canel.

“I ask myself what task is not the President’s in a nation like Cuba, in a Revolution like our own, when we are preceded by the examples of Fidel [Castro] and Raúl [Castro]. [Cuban national hero] José Martí said it, you have proven it, ‘Moving a country, no matter how small it may be, is the work of giants. And no one who doesn’t feel like a giant of love, of courage, of thought, and patience should try.’ In our case, we are coming to understand that every minute is crucial to sustaining the future.”

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