Mwami Mchinji OSBP resident engineer terminates contract citing corruption


Mwami /Zambia – Malawi / Mchinji One Stop Border Post Project team leader and resident engineer Holger Kotthaus has quit his position to due alleged corruption.

In a letter to Stayford Kampini Phiri, the regional manager Southern Africa, Kotthaus terminated the Employment Contract between ECCL Singapore Pte. Ltd and APM International Holger Kotthaus on the One Stop Border Post Project – Mwami /Zambia – Malawi / Mchinji, without notice due to careless and corrupt client.

Kotthaus said due to the external circumstances, he unfortunately could not assume any further responsibility as team leader and resident engineer for the OSBP project.

He said in no other African or Arab country has he experienced such an incompetent and unprofessional behaviour of clients.

“In addition, I have known Africa for almost 40 years and know when corruption is involved between Client and Contractor. In 35 years, I have never experienced the client abandoning their own consultant, exploiting it against the contractor, hindering it, even sabotaging it. Gentlemen, here you have long lost the connection not only to International Standard, but even to the rest of the African level,” Kotthaus, a German, said.


“It’s really a shame what happens to the millions of €uros of foreign taxpayers. Without this foreign support, not only the OSBP Project would be possible, the entire infrastructure of Zambia and Malawi would collapse and three-quarters of these employees would be jobless! The clients is [sic] not even able to coordinate itself and with this completely overwhelmed to coordinate a project like this as a client. Because of this, the attempt for further cooperation is completely useless and a waste of time. Anyway, as a German, I am incorruptible!”


Kotthaus said he was happy to leave the continent forever.


“As a consequence, the next, ‘more successful’ local Team Leader should have less professional qualifications, but be able to ‘demonstrate the same level of carelessness and corruption’ like the clients. Since none of the parties take care to any agreements or even contracts, I feel no longer bound to keep any agreements and terminate my above mentioned contract hereby on 4. July 2019 without notice and I’m happy to leave this continent forever,” he said.


“These last 10 weeks in Chipata have made me finally to [be] a realistic racist and every African I’m going to face in the future will feel it! You just are not worth being supported.”

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