Musenge’s treachery backfires



What now becomes of Mwenya Musenge after the Lusaka High Court threw out the case in which he had dragged Chishimba Kambwili and other colleagues in the party leadership to court?

Musenge had sought a court interpretation of the NDC constitution regarding the status of party president Kambwili, secretary general Bridget Attanga and the entire central committee.

Musenge had contended that Kambwili, Attanga and the entire central committee were illegally occupying party positions.

In throwing out the matter, judge Ruth Chibbabuka said the matter brought by Musenge was frivolous as it lacked merit.

The judgment now means that Kambwili remains president of NDC.  Attanga remains secretary general and the entire central committe remains intact. But where does this leave Musenge?

Can Musenge be trusted by Kambwili and other leaders of NDC?

Can they safely keep him on the central committee of NDC?

What is it that was propelling Musenge to turn against his colleagues in such an extreme and treacherous manner?

Musenge seemed really to have NDC deregistered and completely destroyed. Why?

Was Musenge acting alone or he was sponsored by the Patriotic Front?

Whichever way, Musenge’s treacherous actions have misfired. He has been left flat.

Musenge’s life in NDC is gone. It will never be same for him again. He has not only lost the trust of his colleagues in the leadership of NDC but he has also destroyed his public standing.

It is clear to all that Musenge is not a man one can trust. After telling the nation that he was just John the Baptist and someone else – Kambwili – was coming to lead the party, he U-turns and wants to make himself the leader!

Musenge is now actually looking very foolish, a joke.

And if it was the Patriotic Front that was using him to destroy NDC of what value will he now be to them? They will abandon him, throw him away like used toilet tissue.

Should NDC forgive Musenge and keep him in the party leadership after showing them his true colours? Kind, forgiving and reconciliatory as that may appear, keeping Musenge in the NDC leadership will be a very naive and foolish move. Musenge has crossed the line and can’t be trusted with leadership in the NDC so soon. Let him sit in Limbo for some time.

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