GREEN Eagles coach Aggrey Chiyangi says he is disappointed with his team’s semi final exit from the CECAFA Kagame Cup. Chiyangi blamed the loss on his players’ casual approach and bad officiating but praised the organistaion of the invitational tournament.

“The only thing is that we are disappointed we have lost. It was a tough game. In football, it’s normal, we just have to accept that we have lost and move on,” Chiynagi said.

“A bit of relaxation is what caused those goals. We have given them two easy goals which would have made a difference in this game.”

He said he was not pleased with the referee’s handling of the game which his boys lost to Uganda’s KCCA 4-3.

“The competition was excellent, the people organising this tournament, excellent, everything has gone well, we don’t have a problem. In today’s game, the only thing, all of you saw, the referee, there was no fair play because certain things you could tell that this is not a mistake but certain things, it was very clear that this is what they want,” he said.

“Preparation is not a problem, it is okay because we tell them and prepare them. The only thing is maybe when they go on the pitch that is what we need to work on. It’s lack of concentration and making sure that you have to realise if a striker is starting to accelerate going forward, obviously he is going to score so you have to defend well.”

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