Beware Dr Bwalya Ng’andu

Edgar Lungu over the years has shown that he is like the British 50 pence coin, two faced and seven sided.


Recently when Edgar was at a COMESA trade fair in Kenya, he advised African countries not to be swayed by foreign investors who complain about policy inconsistency by governments on the continent. He said if a particular country feels that the local people are not benefiting from the earlier signed agreements, the country should not shy away from revisiting such agreements.

The dictionary meaning of an agreement states an agreement to mean “the situation in which people have the same opinion, or in which they approve of or accept something:  a decision or arrangement, often formal and written, between two or more groups or people” 
Herein lies the problems with this self-acclaimed “best law student in his class”, whose law practicing license was revoked by LAZ for having stolen clients’ money.

In the first place why would any government sign an agreement that does not benefit its people? If this is the thinking of Edgar Lungu, no government signed agreement will be worth the paper its signed on. This is the problem that the new finance minister, Bwalya N’gandu is going to face, inconsistency and unpredictability from Edgar and his ministers.
 Take for instance, in May 2019, chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya said, “Zambia’s economic challenges are being exaggerated by people who do not mean well for the country….the situation is being blown out of proportion by some people.”
 Yet the facts show otherwise. The irrationality of this type of thinking prevents rational solutions and will continually challenge Bwalya N’gandu.

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