Fr Sakala bemoans tendency by some privileged people to serve their pockets instead of others


SAINT Anne’s Parish priest in Chipata Diocese Fr Christopher Sakala has bemoaned the tendency by some privileged people to serve their pockets instead of serving others.
In his sermon during mass at St Anne’s Cathedral on Sunday, Fr Sakala agreed with Catholic Bishops’ latest pastoral letter where they are calling on Christians to use their talents to serve others.
“Our Catholic Bishops in the latest pastoral letter that they have just released are challenging us to use our talents to serve others, to serve the community, not to be selfish but to serve. What happens in our society today? Most of the times, instead of serving, we
find ourselves serving our pockets instead of serving those who are in need, we find ourselves serving our accounts, that’s what we do most of the times,” he said.
Fr Sakala said people should listen to the word of God, assimilate it and use it to serve others.
“It happens that those that are in the caring professions like doctors, nurses, the social workers and even parents, most of the times suffer from what we call ‘burn outs’ because most of the times they are busy, they have no time to sit, to relax as a result they get
angry when discharging their duties to the communities. You ask them a simple question, you find them shouting at you,” he said.
Fr Sakala urged Christians to discharge their duties diligently.
“What happens most of the times, when we are given the positions to serve others, we serve ourselves. We have heard of accountants who give loans to dead people. That’s being unchristian. For me, if my
Christian would do that, I would take him or her straight to the prison, they don’t deserve to be in the community! I wouldn’t take them to the police, I wouldn’t take them to the magistrate or the High
Court, I would just grab that person and take him or her to the prison and ask the officer-in charge to keep that person there,” he said.
“Such people have no love, a person is dead and then you give him a loan! Who is going to pay that loan? Why do we do that? It’s because of that mind of being selfish. We are not ready to serve with diligence. Our Bishops are saying ‘let us learn to serve our country,
let us learn to serve our friends with diligence.”

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