I’m the architect of Yellow Card protest, Maiko tells PF

DON’T let anyone mislead you, I am the architect of #YellowCard protest you saw last Saturday, Maiko Zulu has told PF media director Sunday Chanda.


And Zulu says discrediting and demonising the Yellow Card protest would not make poverty faced by the masses disappear nor change the figures reported in a recent Financial Intelligence Centre report.


Responding to PF media director Sunday Chanda’s challenge to the organisers on who funded the successful Yellow Card protest on Saturday, Zulu in a statement said the protest was made possible by individuals who were upset with the PF corruption and bad governance.


He said the protest at Parliament was for everyone, including PF members, who were not happy with the ruling party’s leadership lifestyle.


Zulu said what the PF leaders saw last Saturday was just a little demonstration of what people power could do if leaders were not doing the right things.


Hundreds turned up for the “Yellow Card” protest against what they say is government corruption, injustice, misapplication of national resources.


“Usually, I don’t respond to political rhetoric but since it’s the ruling party’s entire Media Director, my brother Mr Sunday Chanda, who has posed a direct challenge to us the organisers of the #YellowCard protest to disclose the source of funding used for the protest, I’m compelled to respond. First of all, let me put it very clear that I do not represent or belong to any organisation be it political or in civil society and my response to the Patriotic Front or indeed my participation in the organisation of the #YellowCard is not influenced by anybody. I feed myself,” he said.


“Let me put it on record that no CSO, external funder or political party designed the protest. It was I who approached my colleagues Pilato and Laura Miti as individual citizens and we agreed to mobilise citizens to peacefully protest and if you want to know, I authored the term #YellowCard. Don’t let anyone mislead you to think that our #YellowCard is funded by HH or is in line with other international yellow card movements as insinuated by some vuvuzela political party leaders. We cannot stop anyone from aligning themselves with the campaign because it is about everyone, including members of the PF.”


Maiko said Zambians do not need a funder to speak up and express their concerns on poverty and poor education system.


He told Chanda not to mix his political fights with #Yellow Card protest as activists speak on behalf of the masses.


“The protest was made possible by individuals and any individuals or organisations that printed their own yellow t-shirts did so at their own discretion using their own resources and because they identify with the reasons for the protest. Mr Chanda might want to know that I personally walked to City Clothing Factory along Freedom Way and I bought my yellow overalls using MY OWN money. If we were funded, I was going to come in a yellow Jaguar and yellow suit,” Zulu said.


“Bedsides, as an artist, I know how easy it is to get money from politicians. We know how to dance at the airport, but we are not cut from that cloth. I want to remind you my brother Mr Chanda that the voice of the ordinary citizens is more powerful than any organisation and Zambians are not stupid to identify with the #YellowCard protests.”


Zulu challenged Chanda not to economise the truth but to lay facts on the table.


“Let me also put it to you Sir that the police are not doing us any favour by allowing us to protest. Protesting is our democratic right and the police have a duty to protect us. As a matter of fact, we speak for those same police officers whose professionalism is at the mercy of cadres,” said Zulu.


“I think right now you will do well to respond to the many questions that the people of Zambia are asking. Listen to the people you promised jobs, lower taxes, and more money. Discrediting the #YellowCard protest today or demonising CSOs will not make the suffering of the masses disappear overnight nor will it change K6.1bn to K0.”

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