Continue supporting PF, Mbewe urges Zambians

GOVERNMENTS are not changed like underwear, says Kebby Mbewe. The PF Central Committee member insists that President Edgar Lungu would rule Zambia beyond 2021.

“We are urging Zambians to continue supporting the PF government because governments are not changed like underwear,” Mbewe said.

“You can’t be changing governments every election period because development can’t take place. No country can develop if it keeps on changing its leaders because it takes time to bring in investors and for that government to stabilise. Let Zambians give us enough time to rule like they did to MMD so that we give them the development they want. As PF this is our second term, so our appeal is that can we give President Lungu time to perform and govern this country until he finishes the projects that he promised Zambians.”

In an interview, Mbewe said urged the opposition to defend citizens’ interests and not to have intentions of ascending to power by using lies.

He cited the example of KCM as one opportunity that both the opposition and government could have spoken one language to send a strong signal to all investors to respect Zambians.


“The issue of KCM is one issue that should make the opposition and government to work together in ensuring that Zambian people’s welfare is protected and unlike supporting investors that were running KCM,” Mbewe said. “It’s very unfortunate that you hear NDC leader [Chishimba] Kambwili misleading Zambians on the Copperbelt about issues surrounding KCM when he understands the challenges that were going on. If government and the opposition start speaking one language regarding the issues of KCM then all investors in the country will start respecting citizens. For Kambwili to say he wants to represent the people of the Copperbelt and the country at large by siding with the investors instead of the stance taken by government then he doesn’t mean well.”


He challenged politicians in the opposition to start defending the interests of Zambians.


“They were talking about roads, schools and hospitals and now we are doing them. Now they have stopped talking about development, they have jumped to corruption because they think if they mislead Zambians, that’s when they will get power,” Mbewe said. “What they should know is that Lungu is going to rule this country beyond 2021 because he is fulfilling promises he told Zambians.”


He called on the people of Katuba to vote for PF candidate Zacks Mwachilele to avoid regretting like the case with Sesheke residents who elected an opposition MP earlier this year.


“People of Sesheke are now regretting to have voted for the opposition candidate because they have realised that he has no capacity to take development there and he can’t lobby from government,” said Mbewe. “So we are saying let the people of Katuba not make a mistake of ushering in an opposition candidate if they want development because it’s a well-known fact that government is not going to change.”

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