Mawere may not be effective in EP following dismissal – Agrippa


CHIPATA-BASED freedom fighter Agrippa Anderson Zulu says Chipata Central member of parliament Moses Mawere may not be very effective in his constituency following his dismissal as sports minister last week.


In an interview, Zulu said Mawere’s firing by President Edgar Lungu was a negative development because the number of cabinet ministers from Eastern Province had reduced.


“We are looking at negatives and positives. Mainly I will talk about the negatives that we have faced here in Eastern Province. We have lost an MP since honourable Mawere will not be effective simply because he is demotivated. He is an MP but he is not going to work as expected,” he said. “Eastern Province has lost one cabinet minister. We know that when appointing ministers, the President looks at province-per-province so that he can balance up ministers. Now that Mawere has been dropped and that we are already behind in terms of cabinet ministers, that is a void because there is no balancing.”


Zulu is the younger brother of another freedom fighter and former UNIP secretary general Grey Zulu.


“The number of ministers from this province has further reduced. It was going to be okay to replace Mawere with a person from Eastern

Province. It’s not tribal, we are looking at balancing of ministers but we have lost that place,” he said. “I am therefore appealing to the Head of State that if possible he should appoint someone from this province for the sake of balancing of ministers. I think on this one those of you who have been in politics for a long time and those of you who have seen changes in various positions from government to government there was this balancing. Even now there is that balancing of ministers in every Province.”


Zulu remained hopeful that the President would appoint a person from the province as minister.

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