Trio on the run after inciting Kalingalinga riot

THREE people, including a witchdoctor, have gone on the run after inciting residents of Lusaka’s Kalingalinga compound to attack a family accused of practicing witchcraft.


On Wednesday evening, police fired teargas to disperse a mob that had gathered at the house of 56-year-old Senia Phiri Miti.


According to police spokesperson Esther Katongo, two people from the neighbourhood only identified as Amai Nori and a Mr Sakala went to the victim’s house at about 15:00 hours with a witchdoctor on pretext that they wanted to conduct prayers with her because of complaints of witchcraft in the community.


“The victim did not hesitate to allow the trio to enter her house and immediately after that, her house was surrounded by an angry mob,” Katongo explained.


She explained that police were informed of the incident via phone.


“Police officers who rushed to the scene found that the angry mob had already set on fire a makeshift toilet at the victim’s house and had broken two windows to the house and fired teargas to disperse the crowd,” Katongo stated.


She added; “The situation has returned to normal and police are now looking for Amai Nori and a Mr Sakala together with the witchdoctor who are currently on the run.”


Katongo appealed to the public to avoid disseminating unverified information but always analyse and verify information before taking action.


“Our country has got laws that govern the conduct of people and also institutions mandated to handle concerns from the general public, hence our appeal is for everyone to avoid taking law into their own hands but follow laid down procedures in airing their grievances,” advised Katongo.

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