ZRA donates seized sugar

ZAMBIA Revenue Authority Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has donated sugar seized from smugglers at the Victoria Falls border to orphans, schools, hospitals and prisons.

Speaking when he donated the sugar to the various institutions which included the Livingstone Central Hospital, Chanda said smugglers were thieves who basically do not want to get caught.

“The value of the seized sugar is K80,990, but for us, what is important is not the value, what is important is the message that as ZRA we will not condone smuggling, whether it is done by transporters, importers, through clearing agents or even facilitated by our officers, we will not tolerate that. So we just want to demonstrate that as ZRA, we are committed to protecting our industries, we are committed to ensuring that all importers adhere to importation laws,” Chanda said.

He said that the ZRA’s zero tolerance approach to smuggling and corruption was working.

Chanda noted smuggling would not end as it was lucrative.

“Smuggling is a very serious vice, not only in Zambia but throughout the world. And smugglers are basically thieves and one of their objectives is to ensure that they are not caught. But that is why we have law enforcing officers. The presence of police does not mean that there will be no thieves. So as customs, we still have leakages, but I am reliably informed that acts of smuggling have actually reduced, especially smuggling of alcohol and cigarettes,” he said.

“If people don’t pay taxes, they make more money, so there is an incentive for people to continue smuggling. But our zero tolerance is working…we want to assure the Zambian people that customs will work day and night to collect revenue and stop the illicit activities such as smuggling,” Chanda said.

ZRA commissioner in-charge of customs Sydney Chipabuka named the beneficiaries of the seized sugar as Cheshire Homes who received 300 kilogrammes, Choma Correctional Facility 1200 Kgs, Choma General Hospital 800 kgs and Chongo School for the disabled 300 kgs.

Others are Ebenezer Orphanage 300kgs, Kalomo Hospital 1,000 Kgs, Katombola Reformatory 2,000 Kgs, Kwatu Children’s Home 300 Kgs, Livingstone Central Hospital 800 Kgs, Livingstone Correctional Centre, 1,800 Kgs, Lubasi Orphanage 300 Kgs, Lushomo Trust 300 Kgs, Maramba Old People’s Home 260 Kgs, SoS Children’s Village 1,600 Kgs, St Josephs Hospice 200 Kgs, St Mulumba Special School, 800 Kgs and Zimba Mission

Hospital 800 Kgs.

Livingstone Principal Nursing officer Linda Libingi thanked the ZRA for donating the sugar adding that it will help in taking care of patients.

SoS Children’s village out-reach social worker Namasiku Namangolwa also thanked ZRA and promised that the sugar would go directly to the intended beneficiaries.

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