God’s retribution knows no timeframe or deadline – Shapa

INSPECTOR GENERAL Kakoma Kanganja should remember that God’s retribution knows no timeframe or deadline, says Shapa Wakung’uma.

In a recent write-up, the former superintendent in charge of Sesheke Police Station stated that to every wicked act, there are consequences.

“Killing Abel didn’t make Cain the accepted one,” he states. “Dragging others down will never raise you up.”

In February, Wakung’uma and three other police officers were retired in national interest following violence which erupted during the Sesheke parliamentary by-election.

This followed the police repelling an attack on the police station by suspected supporters of the ruling Patriotic Front. Wakung’uma, Fleming Chilongo, Boniface Lengwe and Fredric Mukela were subsequently dismissed from the Zambia Police Service over the incident.

Wakung’uma and Chilongo have since sought judicial review over their dismissal.

Wakung’uma alludes to the dismissal, stating that ‘Charlie One’ [Kanganja] should have followed mandatory laid down procedures in the matter.

“His interest at the time was to try as much as possible to retain those favours and privileges that go with his portfolio,” he states.

The celebrated judoka further cited nepotism and tribalism in the Zambia Police Service, stating that some officers are dismissed or redeployed based on their tribe.

“Charlie One seemed not to have read Section 70 of Cap 87 of the Laws for him not to know that showing such signs of hatred based on tribe was against the law,” states Wakung’uma.


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