Be sincere, Mutati tells former NDF delegates

FELIX Mutati has asked his fellow National Dialogue Forum participants to be sincere and accept responsibility for the decisions made by the Forum. Addressing his MMD faction members at New Monze Hotel on Thursday, Mutati said the country’s economy has proved to be difficult to manage because a lot of money is spent on politics.

He challenged those distancing themselves from NDF resolutions after they had participated in it to accept responsibility.

“‘This is not our forum, this is not our decision’; that is a wrong approach. The approach is to be sincere, that ‘I was part of this forum and therefore I’m part of the decisions of the forum whether those decisions were wrong or were correct’. You must pay the price of participating. You can’t now start saying no me, no me,” Mutati said.

“You should have refused to go into the Forum. We may not like some of the issues that were included but we are inside. We spoke and maybe we lost on some issues, isn’t it? Us we will not be that political party that stands on the anthill and say we do not like the decisions. All we are saying is that we were participants and are going to live by the consequences of the decisions. As MMD party we think it’s important that we eliminate by- elections whether it’s at presidential or MP or councillor levels.”

He complained that the little resources the country had was being spent on by-elections.

“You say the economy is difficult, you must ask yourselves why is it difficult. It’s because we are spending too much money on politics. All the money that the country has got is going to by-elections, by-elections…How are you going to sort out issues of hunger, roads, and water here in Monze if you are going to be every day in by-elections? It’s not possible, isn’t it?” Mutati said.

“You can’t have a country from one general elections to the next general elections you are just politicking. I mean when do you find the time to run the country because every time it’s you resigning; come to me, the councillor resigns, your MP resigns. The other day I saw a chairman of some district resigning, joining another party then there will be an election. When you see the country doesn’t have money it’s because of some of the things we are doing ourselves. You say the economy is difficult, you must ask yourselves why is it difficult.”

He urged politicians to spare the people of Zambia.

“Let’s say as people of Zambia 2016 we had a general election. Between 2016 and 2021 let us focus on developing the country by delivering services to the people. The time for political battles, let it be defined that it comes once every five years. If you lose then you have to wait for five years but now we are seeing councillors being enticed and it is why there is conflict,” Mutati explained.

He said hunger for politics was creating conflict in the country and nothing else.

Mutati explained that it was as result of things like by-elections that his party participated in the NDF.

“So that’s why we say the NDF resolution supporting the elimination of by-elections we support it for the purpose of the people of Zambia.
Ours is for the people of Zambia that bapenga (they have suffered), bavutika, isn’t it?” he said.

“You have no roads in Monze but then you find money for by-elections. Is that the way we run the country? So those changes are important in order for the little money we have go and touch the people. The little that we have, let it not only touch the politicians because now it’s just going to politicians, politicians, politicians and the tummies all these… And then they say go and vote for us! You must refuse and say just go and vote for yourself because you are the one creating problems.”

Mutati said the MMD would make a presentation to Parliament at the committee level on the issues of NDF the party thinks were important for the development of the country.

“These other ones we are not in support of them.
So we are going to focus on developmental issues. We are not going to be a party that stands on the anthill and start to refuse the process that you are in because others are saying no. Sometimes stand to the mistakes that you make, that’s the way it is,” said Mutati.

“I was in there and I can’t stand up and say, ‘me you know me’ … If you make a mistake accept the mistake and make corrections, isn’t it? Don’t start pointing fingers. And the other thing that we have seen is that before even people understand what this issue is, what that decision is about, they just say ‘no’. Read a bit and say ‘this one I’m saying no for the following reasons’. You can’t just say ‘because the ones who brought this one is not me and my position is no’. It doesn’t matter the content, what matters is because it was done by this one, my answer is no. Take time to read, and I think, we Zambians are mature now, we can think and say out of the 10 decisions 1,2,3,4,5 they make sense, isn’t it? 4,5,6,7 doesn’t make sense. That is the way you move the country forward.”

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