Serving citizens is your responsibility and a not a favour, Siabutuba tells Lungu

YOUTH Development Organisation executive director Partner Siabutuba says President Edgar Lungu must know that serving citizens regardless of their political affiliation is part of his responsibility as a Head of State.

Reacting to President Lungu’s threats that he can take development to other places where people voted for him if southerners did not want him to develop their area after unknown people cut down a Zesco power line in Dundumwezi, Siabutuba said the Head of State should not think he was doing anyone a favour to develop the country.

“President Edgar Lungu must know that serving citizens regardless of their political affiliation is part of his responsibility as a Head of State and not a favour that he can threaten to withdraw whenever he feels like punishing those who did not vote for him,” Siabutuba said.
He challenged President Lungu to understand fully the democratic and requirements for him to know that service delivery was not a favour but a responsibility of those in leadership positions.
“Democratic leadership entails that those elected are servants of the voters and not vice versa. Government leaders should know that they were employed by citizens that’s why they receive salaries to provide services to citizens without discrimination,” Siabutuba said. “We don’t care which Tonga is becoming president now or in future but all what we want is President Lungu and his government to use the rare privilege they have now to preside over the economic affairs of this country to provide for all the citizens in the country regardless of region and political affiliation.”
President Lungu on Saturday said he had verified information that the people who tried to cut the power line poles belong to the UPND.
He said some saboteurs had been arrested.
“I have never been upset in my presidency as when I received a report about someone cutting power lines,” he during a campaign rally in Katuba.
He accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of trying to make him look bad in the eyes of the people of Southern Province by opposing development.
President Lungu said Hichilema does not mean well for the people of Zambia.

And Siabutuba said the failure by government to declare hunger in Southern Province and other parts of the country a national disaster was meant to blackmail citizens in affected areas.
He wondered how the government was interpreting the 100 per cent crop failure in Southern Province which was due to poor rainfall in 2018-2019 agricultural season.
Siabutuba said the hunger situation in Southern Province had been worsened by the outbreak of animal diseases.
“Amidst the dire situation, the PF-led government is distributing 12.5 Kg of mealie meal only to about 12 households per village. Government should be reminded that the poor rainfall which eventually resulted into crop failure affected all the families in the province therefore there is need to ensure that every household was given relief food,” said Siabutuba.
“We also demand for the publication of the Disaster Mmanagement and Mitigation Unit situation analysis on hunger situation conducted early this year.”

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