PF is impotent – Kambwili

THE current PF government is impotent, they have failed to fit in Michael Sata’s shoes, says National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili.

And the NDC leader took time to congregate at St Mathews the Apostle Nkana East Catholic Church where he shared a light moment with foreign affairs minister Joseph Malanji and his campaign team.

Addressing electorates in Lwingishi ward in Chisongo and Kale villages of Mansa ahead of Today’s local government by-elections, Kambwili pleaded with the voters not to trade their vote with ‘Nshima’ and gifts.

He warned that the gifts that were being offered to them now were temporary, only meant to blindfold them to vote for a PF candidate.

The NDC leader said the current crop of leaders in the ruling party were ‘impotent’ having failed to father their own following the death of the PF founding president Sata.

“Ubuteko bwa PF niba chibola, balifilwa ukufyala umwafyele ba Sata (the PF government is impotent, they have failed to bear children where Sata bore children),” Kambwili said

“Nga mwamona ubuteko bwatangisha ukumipela indalama, ifitenge lilya kwaba ama elections ninshi mwaishiba ati tabwakwata mano, ninshi mwaishiba ati ubuteko nabufilwa. Elo ubuteko nga bwafilwa, kuya bebele. Bonfyeni amaka yenu mumbokoshi ukukanda aba ba pompwe (If you see the government prioritising giving you money, chitenge materials when there is an election, just know that that government does not think, just know that they have failed. And when the government fails you, it shows that it’s time for it to go, help them pack through the ballot, teach these thieves a lesson).”

Kambwili wondered how an area with so many water bodies had not been helped by the government to make money out of the natural resource.

He lamented that currently Zambia was importing 990 metric tonnes of fish from China per year depriving Zambians the much-needed income through the water bodies dotted around the country.

Kambwili said under the NDC government, communities in areas, that were predominantly fish farming strongholds, would be empowered financially so that they expanded their business.


The NDC leader said there was no better politician in the country that would transform Zambia better than him.

He said he was ready to serve as President and was optimistic that the 2021 elections would usher him into State House.

Kambwili promised to turn around the country’s economic fortunes and aggressively fight corruption once in State House.

And in an interview before the Church service in Kitwe, Kambwili said residents of Lubwa ward knew how much they had suffered under the PF government and would therefore do the ‘right thing’ on July 30.

He said with the hardships countrywide, Kitwe was not left out and it was a forgone conclusion that the PF should be voted out starting with next Tuesday’s local government elections in Mansa Central and Lubwa wards.

“People are suffering under this regime but they will make a decision, the choice is all yours. My vice-president says it’s a choice of whether you want Barabbas or Jesus to be crucified. The choice is solemnly in the Lubwa residents but so far so good, the campaigns have been very peaceful and hope and trust that at the end of the day, the people in Lubwa will give favour to the NDC owing to their suffering,” Kambwili said.

“Wina azalila (someone will cry). People are suffering and people know what they are going through under this regime where when elections come that’s when they come and build a police post in 24 hours, ninshi mufulo. They can build that police station but because they have to wait for elections…so people of Lubwa must show this government that umufulo waifi tatulefwaya (This kind of attitude is not needed), we want people who are serious, who can provide a service because it’s their duty to do so, not because of by-elections.”

And Kambwili and his team who attended the second service took time to greet Malanji, the PF Lubwa ward candidate Julius Kaunda and Copperbelt chairman Nathan Chanda.

The two camps joked and laughed outside the parish as church members watched and took pictures.

Meanwhile, Kambwili who was given chance to address the congregation urged the residents to search their souls in correcting the suffering in their lives.


“Uumfwa ukufina kwamucele muntu uusendele, ifilecitika muno calo mulelofimona. Inshita naifika ukupitila muma politics ukuti mulanguluke ifyo mulepitamo, ifyo mulecucutika nemitima. Ushishiba uko alefuma, teshiba noko aleya (The weight of salt if felt by the one carrying it, you are seeing what’s happening in this country. Time has come through politics for you to search and know how you are suffering. One who does not know his past will not know his future as well),” said Kambwili.

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