Royal establishment accuses chief Chiwala of causing wrangles


THE Inamwimba Shibuchinga Royal Establishment has accused senior chief Chiwala of the Lamba in Masaiti of causing wrangles in the chieftainship.

But senior chief Chiwala has refused to comment on the matter.

In a statement, establishment spokesperson Victor Kalesha said Chiwala had failed to provide leadership.

He states that Chiwala’s poor handling of chieftainship succession was causing wrangles in Lambaland.

“The Inamwimba Shibuchinga Royal Establishment has condemned in strongest terms the manner chief Chiwala is handling chieftainship successions in Lambaland and this has led to unnecessary wrangles perpetuated by his poor leadership,” Kalesha claimed.


“He is chairman for the Lamba/Lima Royal council of chiefs elected by chiefs themselves but yet he makes decisions single-handedly which is a great danger to leadership. The wrangles in chief Shibuchinga are being orchestrated by chief Chiwala himself by his failure to understand the family tree and respect it.”


He urged Chiwala not to be moved by mob psychology.


“He is being moved by mob psychology siding with people who seem to be in the majority but yet are not in the succession lineage. As Inamwimba Shibuchinga Royal Family, we would like the Shibuchinga chieftainship family tree to be corrected at this stage to avoid future wrangles and that’s what we are telling chief Chiwala to do but he is so compromised that he is taking his way,” Kalesha stated.


“The House of Chiefs have records of wrangles that erupted in Shibuchinga chiefdom between 1997 and 2007 caused by the same group that has interest in the chieftainship. We humbly request chief Chiwala if he has any integrity to protect to rescue himself and let the succession guidance be done by the owners of Abena Mitsubishi clan comprising of senior chief Mushili, chief Nkambo, chieftainess Shimukunami, chief Mukutuma, and chief Nkana. These are attached directly to the Shibuchinga chieftainship, and not senior chief Chiwala who has no subordinates. The royal family is very disappointed at chief Chiwala’s … dictatorship kind of leadership.”


He asked Chiwala to do the right thing.


“We are family yes but we want the right thing to be done once and for all for the benefit of the future generation. You can tell even at yesterday’s succession meeting that many chiefs did not attend and this tells a story about their chairman. We want to advise chief Chiwala to respect his fellow chiefs and opinions rather than clinging to his thoughts,” Kalesha stated.


“We don’t think we are asking for too much just to ask to make a correction to the Shibuchinga family tree once and for all to avoid future disputes. Why is chief Chiwala insisting on adding people to the lineage who do not belong there? And we don’t understand why chief Chiwala would allow the succession meetings to be dominated by UPND cadres chanting a name of their preferred candidate like it’s a political meeting. We resolved that a royal family respect the government of the day… It is on record that even the late chief Shibuchinga left instructions with his closest family what needs to be done. Chief Chiwala should rescue himself from succession engagements, he is not good at it and injures a lot of people by his leadership style.”


But Chiwala denied the allegations saying all he wants was to see a peaceful leadership transition in the area.

He said there was no such thing as wrangles, as all the deliberations were monitored by different stakeholders.

Chiwala accused the Inamwimba Shibuchinga Royal Establishment of trying to bribe him so that he can side with them.

“It is the queen mothers who choose the Chief. What he is saying is character assassination and we will sue him,” Chiwala said.

He described the accusations as stupid as there was no one raising any political symbol during the succession meeting.

“If he is saying that I will sort him out. I will see my lawyers this afternoon and I will come and extract that report from you,” warned Chiwala.

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