LUNGU HAS GONE TOO FAR…must be stopped before he puts country into a war zone – Mambo

STOP your tribal politics before you put Zambia into a war zone, Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has advised President Edgar Lungu.

Bishop Mambo asked President Lungu not to leave a legacy of using God in vain with hate speeches but to embrace every Zambian with love.

In an interview, Bishop Mambo said no believer had a right to divide the people of God.

On Saturday, President Lungu said a Tonga will one day rule Zambia, but certainly not the one that’s aspiring now in reference to UPND’s leader Hakainde Hichilema.

He further threatened to withdraw development in Southern Province over vandalised Zesco poles.

President Lungu claimed to have verified information that the people who tried to cut the poles belong to the UPND.

But Bishop Mambo condemned President Lungu’s tribal statement that it was not helping to remove poverty from Zambia.

He said the tribal statement was ugly and must not be tolerated by Zambians.

“President Lungu is dividing the country. And he must be stopped before he puts this country into a war zone. It is not helping us when he is in different churches and almost becoming a preacher man; on the one hand he holds the Bible which in its totality preaches love, compassionate, and forgiveness,” Bishop Mambo said. “No matter how much you hate a person, no matter how you hate people, you cannot go to that extent of tribe especially if you prophesy Christ. If you are saying I am of Christ, and I have known Christ long and none of us is an angel, none of us is a saint, but we all know that the strongest weapon is to draw people together. To unite a country, to unite a divided house than to divide a tribe, it is love. When there is no love in your language, and you hate Tongas as if they were not created by God…this is not right.”

He said Zambia must draw lessons from the Rwandan genocide and stop tribal politics.

Bishop Mambo added that peace must be guarded jealously under the umbrella of One Zambia, One Nation.

“Tribal remarks destroyed Rwanda. There was a genocide in Rwanda because of tribal remarks. Those of us do not want that to be repeated anywhere in Africa. We must stop this at all cost because each tribe has got blood, has got heart which is beating and can also get upset,” he said. “So, we must never allow that no matter how you feel about a certain tribe. We should be demonstrating that we are a democracy and we accommodate all the people. We must learn as Zambia that it is not just the motto we are using of One Zambia, One nation. It brought us peace, stability.”

Bishop Mambo said to serve God’s people required humbleness.

“Trump is the President of America today, tomorrow he will be former president. He will need the same people of that country to love him and embrace him. We have had KK [Kenneth Kaunda], he is now former president. We have had my elder brother Rupiah Banda, he is now former president,” he said.

Bishop Mambo said politics was not about President Lungu or his opposition opponents but the betterment of lives of Zambians.

He said opposition opinions and views must be respected by those in charge of governance.

“Zambians should stand up and advise the Commander-In-Chief, the Head of State that no, you are going too far. Your legacy will be that of hate, your legacy will be that of using God in vain,” Bishop Mambo said. “No believer has the right to divide the people of God. In the image of God, we are all created, and vengeance is His. The moment the President took the position of God Almighty, we will go in the right direction. I agree with other calls that the President must stop dividing Zambians.”

Bishop Mambo asked President Lungu to humble himself and apologise for using tribal remarks.

“My best advice to President Edgar Lungu is for him to apologise for him to unite a divided country. This country is divided since the 2016 general election. It is not divided by the Southerners, no. The voting pattern in Eastern Province, [other] areas showed that we are divided,” said Bishop Mambo. “This is why we are talking about the Church-led dialogue so that we can go back to the basics.”

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