Light up Katima Mulilo bridge, Misebezi asks RDA

SESHEKE Constituency’s Katima Mulilo ward UPND councillor Musimba Misebezi says lack of lighting system on the 900 metres Katima Mulilo bridge is posing great danger to night travellers.

The Katima Mulilo bridge is across the Zambezi River in Sesheke district and is the sole link to Katima Mulilo border town, near Namibia.

The masterpiece facility, constructed by Concur Holdings, Hochtief, a South African/German firm, was opened on April 13, 2004.

Misebezi, in an interview from Katima Mulilo, said: “there has been no power at the bridge for almost a year now.”

“I have got big concern and it’s also a concern from the general public, not only in Katima, but Sesheke at large. This very important Katima Mulilo bridge has had no power for close to a year now,” Misebezi complained.
“I have tried to make several attempts to engage RDA (Road Development Agency) because they are the ones that are responsible for the same Katima Mulilo bridge, but to no avail. RDA responds by saying that it is waiting for funds to change the whole lighting system along the bridge, as the current one that has been operational is worn out. We tried to tell RDA to handover the responsibility of the bridge to Sesheke district council, at least just for issues like power connectivity. But nothing has happened, so far.”

The civil leader noted that the Katima Mulilo bridge was an economic installation in the sense that it connected Zambia and Namibia via Katima Mulilo border post.

“So, I’m really appealing to the RDA for them to seriously look into this issue as it’s an emergency that needs urgent attention. The blackout at the bridge is posing great danger to our people and travellers at night. Please, let something be done on this bridge. I humbly appeal to the authorities; hear my plight concerning this bridge,” stressed Misebezi.

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