Lungu, please watch your mouth

Chief Macha of the Tonga people of Choma district says Edgar Lungu lacks “presidential language” and should go to school to learn diplomacy.

“These politicians must go to school to learn diplomacy. It is very important when you are leading people to have that skill,” says chief Macha. “And what is surprising is that President Lungu is saying no tribe should feel inferior and no tribe should feel superior, but at the same time he is saying the Tongas will not rule. What nonsense is that? Why the Tongas? This country can be ruled by anybody from any quarter of Zambia and its resources should be shared equally in all provinces for development to take place. So those promoting tribalism among Zambians must stop. Actually they are the ones who are tribal themselves. It’s very unfortunate that there is bad talk in politics. There is need for politicians to learn diplomacy.”

We believe that the words a president says carry much weight.

As President of the Republic, Edgar is given a precious and honourable position to lead with his words and actions. This includes his speech.

Leadership is of the heart. A leader’s authenticity and integrity come from his or her heart. The heart is the causal core of one’s personhood. So what comes out of one’s mouth is what is on one’s heart already.

It’s dangerous to work with someone that cannot control themselves and the words they use. If they can’t watch the words they use, what else can they not control?

One’s authority and influence comes from who one is. This includes the words one uses. To Edgar we say, ‘Please watch your mouth.’

Careless talk is cheap. It is easy. And in leadership, it serves no purpose other than to weaken one’s leadership. People don’t respect or follow leaders that cannot find the right or appropriate words to say.

Words speak volume in a politician’s influence and leadership.

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