65% of K9.8bn supplementary budget to service debt – ZIPAR

THE Zambia Institute of Policy Analysis and Research says almost 65 per cent of the K9.8 billion Supplementary Budget will go to debt repayment.

A graph prepared by ZIPAR shows that while there is an allocation to defence, intelligence and Office of the President, nothing is left for critical sectors such as education, health or social welfare.

“If this country is as peaceful as some suggest, why are we spending so much of our very limited resources on defence, intelligence and Office of the President?” asks ZIPAR.

“Are our leaders anticipating a war? Our nation is the fourth hungriest in the world, with a national hunger situation ravaging the country, the young people have also not been spared and hospitals are out of drugs and other medical equipment. Where are this country’s people sure?”

The graph further states that “these are the decisions that should make every patriotic Zambian upset.”

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