Lungu is abusing govt time, money on his 2021 campaign

Edgar Lungu is spending most of his presidential time campaigning for re-election.

And unfortunately he is doing so at a huge public expense.

Edgar is spending a disproportionate amount of his public-paid-for-time and government money on Patriotic Front work. He was elected to manage the affairs of the Republic and not necessarily those of the Patriotic Front.

There’s no allocation in the national budget to Patriotic Front work of Edgar or any of his ministers.

Look at his last week’s trip to Northern and Muchinga provinces! What was its primary purpose? Who did he meet and talk to on this trip? What was his stated purpose for meeting these people? What were his main concerns?

Edgar’s meetings were primarily or predominantly with Patriotic Front members, cadres and leaders. He raised concerns about ruling party work, organisation and unity. He also talked about turning to traditional rulers or chiefs for help. What type of help? Political support!

Edgar was elected to administer the affairs of the country and not the Patriotic Front.

He was elected to be President of the Republic and to promote the welfare of all citizens – the governed.

Edgar is required to implement social programmes and policy measures that contribute to the general welfare of the populace and not Patriotic Front members, cadres, leaders and supporters.

Edgar, as President of our Republic, is supposed to play a central role in our lives. He is supposed to be the concentrated voice of the people that make all efforts to improve their welfare.

And for this, Edgar is paid by all Zambian taxpayers – without regard to political affiliation.

Edgar is supposed to represent the hopes, aspirations and the interests of every Zambian citizen.

Edgar needs to do an honest job as President of the Republic. To be effective, trustworthy and reliable, Edgar must capture the essence of truth, display sincerity, candor and practices what he preaches.

The President must be somebody all our people, regardless of their political affiliations, can rely on. We need a President who loves all our people with all his heart, might, mind, soul and who strives to help them.

What we are today seeing is a President who is fake, who after taking the oath office with the Holy book in his hand, uses his power as an end in itself, rather than for public good, making him indifferent to the progress of our people.

A good and responsible president will give high regard for morality, law abiding with no tendencies to corrupt even a single ngwee or cent. The greatest strength of a good President is deriving joy in serving people and not to abuse or steal tax payer’s money.

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