Crooks have hijacked PF – Fr Luonde

FATHER Richard Luonde has described the ruling PF as a Garden of Eden for thieves.

He says the party was formed with a “clean agenda” to speak for the poor but that it has now been hijacked by “crooks.”

Fr Luonde, who is Socialist Party spokesperson, also observed that hypocrisy among Zambians today was eating the lifeblood of the country.

“PF was formed with a clean agenda but it has now been hijacked by crooks who are using it as a Garden of Eden. They are using the name of the PF to steal and mistreating workers at their companies,” Fr Luonde said in an interview.

“At formation, PF was striving to serve or to speak for the poor. But today, most of these PF senior leaders own companies and their companies are mistreating Zambians. Like I have said, I’m not simply shouting; I know what I’m talking about. Shortly, I’ll begin exposing you.”

He also indicated that Zambia was slowly sinking into a mafia State.

Fr Luonde said some of the pro-PF delegates who were defending resolutions of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) were simply doing so because: “they are in privileged positions.”

“You can take advantage of the poor Zambians today but tomorrow things will cease and you’ll pay. The National Dialogue Forum was going to be successful if it was chaired by the Church,” said Fr Luonde.

“Some of these people supporting the NDF are people whose immoral activities I know. I know how their companies are mistreating Zambians who are working there. So if you mistreat your fellow Zambians, what good can come out of you as a national leader? So to those pretenders who think they are hiding their immoral activities at their companies by supporting the party in power, they’ve got it wrong. Shortly, if they don’t change their attitude, I’ll begin exposing them and I’ll be providing evidence.”

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