NDF was transparent, inclusive – Mundubile

PARLIAMENTARY chief whip and PF legal affairs committee chairperson Brian Mundubile says an impression is being created that Zambians have risen against the National Dialogue Forum resolutions when in fact not.

Mundubile, who is Mporokoso PF member of parliament, says it is the same voices that are disparaging the NDF resolutions.

He said the voices that were speaking against the constitution bill 10 of 2019: “never supported this process from the beginning.”

Mundubile was speaking on ZNBC TV’s ‘Sunday Interview’ programme.

“The issues are many; there were those that felt that this process should have been a Church-led process. But you and I know that that process, first of all, was not structured. Now what you have out of the NDF is a structured process, a process that is governed by law,” Mundubile said.
“[It’s] a process that was transparent, inclusive, accountable [and] espousing the very principles in constitution making.”

He reminded Zambians not to lose sight of the fact that members of parliament alone sitting in Parliament could amend the Constitution by two-thirds majority vote.

“All MPs were part of the NDF. But on top of that, we had all political parties represented at the NDF, we had the churches, the NGOs, the Law Association of Zambia. So, in terms of inclusiveness, maybe we can look at it from the other side. Let’s assume that all those that went to the NDF step aside and we ask for an alternative forum, who is going to be in that forum?” Mundubile, a lawyer, said.

“There’s a difference when you have the same group of people going from one province to the other… You cannot say ‘the people of Zambia are rejecting this.’ It’s the same voices in Luapula, it’s the same voices speaking in Western provinces. So if it’s not, for instance, Prime TV giving coverage to these, who else is talking about these things? There’s been an impression that the Zambian people have risen against the NDF when it’s the same group of people that are trotting from province to province.”

The lawmaker added that even PF members of parliament, during the NDF deliberations, did not agree on everything.

“But we were driven by the principles of consensus. In terms of consensus, you can’t be rigid,” noted Mundubile.

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