WE HAVE NO OPPOSITION…just a bunch of people insulting one individual – PF

KEBBY Mbewe has asked the opposition to give President Edgar Lungu room to work.

The PF Central Committee member argues that in the current state, Zambia has no opposition but “a bunch of people that have come together to insult one individual who is the Republican President.”

“Zambians are getting choked with the hatred which the opposition is portraying towards the President,” Mbewe said. “Can they give room to the President to work than peddling lies to cover up their failure to convince voters. Even when salt is missing in someone’s house the opposition has to accuse the President. Let’s try to respect the presidency. The more they are insulting him the more he gets blessed and if they want they can continue cursing themselves by insulting him because there is no leader on earth that has come accidentally. Every leadership comes from God. The bible says pray for your leaders and not to insult them.”

In an interview, Mbewe urged the churches and some non-governmental organisations against aligning themselves with the opposition in inciting Zambians to rise against the government.

“Churches and some one-man NGOs that want to follow the leadership of the opposition in attacking government and incite Zambians must desist from doing so because they will soon burn their fingers,” he warned. “We have noted with dismay at the behaviour portrayed by some churches that are getting close to the opposition and our timely advice to them is that they are burning their fingers because the people they are entertaining are just full of distraction, greedy and hate.”

Mbewe urged the church to just concentrate on advising political parties and the government as well as bringing everyone to Christ.

“In the same vein, we are urging the traditional leaders to continue keeping their lane and look after their subjects. Let politicians keep running the economy while the Church also keep their lane by bringing the people to Christ,” he said. “But unfortunately in this country you will find that churches have become political parties and we are saying no to that because we want churches that are going to attract people to Christ.”

Mbewe advised the opposition to stop abusing the Church by misleading it to champion its selfish agenda to ascend to power by accusing President Lungu’s “hard working government of being corrupt.”

“God is not going to forgive you the opposition if you continue abusing churches in your quest to ascend to power,” he said. “We also know that the opposition has also formed some one-man NGOs to spread the falsehoods about corruption and they have started campaigning but what they don’t know is that it’s not NGOs that vote but the Zambian people. We are aware about some NGOs that have got one or two people running them and are always lined up to speak for the opposition whenever they are given money for relish.”

Mbewe said President Lungu was doing a tremendous job in working round the clock, trotting countrywide, taking development and making steady efforts to stabilise the economy.

“The corruption fight the opposition talk about will make them unpopular very soon because you only fight corruption when it is there and not through imagination just because you don’t have a manifesto, so you think it’s just to talk about corruption,” he said. “Just because you hear there are 48 houses then you jump and give the President 48 hours ultimatum when he is not the arresting officer….”

Mbewe said the opposition had never won any case of corruption in Zambia under the leadership of President Lungu because his leadership style was outstanding.

“You will never hear the President intimidating anyone be it a minister, party cadre or civil servant but the opposition is busy spreading all sorts of falsehoods about him and what they don’t realise is that they are giving him more blessings and time to rule Zambia till 2026,” Mbewe said. “The opposition, in fact, must start preparing their mind in readiness for defeat in 2021. Zambians won’t change government anytime soon, so the best thing our colleagues can do now is to start telling Zambians about their manifestos instead of accusations of corruption because that one can’t take them to State House.”

He said the bitterness that the opposition had towards President Lungu was too much.

Mbewe wondered what Zambian youths were learning from the opposition apart from insults.

He said Zambia in its current state had no opposition.

“It only has a bunch of people that have come together to insult one individual who is the Republican President. This country is lacking an opposition political party that can bring issues that people would buy into,” Mbewe said. “As PF, we are looking forward to the day when we are going to have a good opposition political party that is going to offer effective checks and balances and advise us where we go wrong and not insults as well as corruption accusations daily. The campaign they have started of accusing PF and President Lungu of being corrupt, soon Zambians will discover that the whole thing is about malice and this is why I insist that the opposition in this country has become irrelevant and young people must not entertain them.”

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