We’re in a hurry to develop rugby in Zambia – Chaloba

BHUBESI Pride Foundation team leader Sofia Domingos says it has been an awesome week working with children interested in rugby.

And Get Into Rugby Zambia manager Tom Chaloba says his side is in a hurry to develop rugby in Zambia.

The Bhubesi Pride Foundation has concluded a successful 2019 tour of Kabwe in Zambia.

In Kabwe, the coaches conducted an orientation tour of participating schools in the company of Chaloba, a local organizer.

Close to 400 girls and boys attended training sessions from Monday to Thursday in various locations across town.

However, the numbers were trimmed to 250 (representing 125 girls and 125 boys) drawn from the five participating schools.

Speaking after the event at Don Bosco Centre, Domingos said, “It has been an awesome week working with these kids (aged between 09 and 15 years old), they are so confident, jovial and easy to work with. It goes to show that a lot of planning and preparations have been done prior to our arrival by the local coaches from the DieHardRugby Academy, with whom we have worked since 2016”.

Meanwhile, Chaloba paid tribute to the visiting and local coaches for their passion and hard work despite having to conduct sessions in the midday August sun.

“We are in a hurry to develop rugby in Zambia and we are happy to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations. It is gratifying to see the increased interest from the female (former and current) players from Green Eagles Rugby willing to put in their time and effort in ensuring the sustainable growth and development of the game,” he said.

The Bhubesi Pride team has since left Kabwe for Lusaka before proceeding to Malawi for their assignment in Lilongwe.

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