I’M STARTING AFRESH… it’s been challenging sleeping on the floor – Sampa

LUSAKA mayor Miles Sampa says he has been sleeping on the floor because his former wife Mwika Mwenechanya grabbed all the beddings.
Speaking when he graced the opening of Lifestyle furniture in Lusaka, Sampa said he had been seen tired early in the morning because of sleeping on the floor.
He said life has been challenging but was now happy that he was starting afresh.
“I haven’t had these things (furniture) because my wife went with them so I am starting afresh. I am going to buy the bed, dining table, a new lounge suite… I am staring afresh,” Sampa said.
“I am starting all over, I am not the first and last to divorce, it happens but the transition has had its own challenges. She took most of the household stuff so I haven’t been living comfortably since she was gone but today I bought brand new furniture, the bed, and everything in the process of starting afresh. I have even moved, I am moving to a new house and leaving everything behind. So far so good…I am a single man but not looking, not yet…. For now, I’m married to the garbage of the City, cleaning. When God allows it maybe I will one day get married again but for now, no thank you. I have enough fair of challenges on that line.”
Sampa said K7,000 out of his K20,000 salary would be going to his former wife for child support.
He wondered how a child would eat food worth K7,000 in a month when a family of five children in Matero, where he grew up, would manage with K1,000.
Sampa said the K7,000 was a form of “extortion”.
“We only had one child but what type of a child is supposed to get K7,000 per month just for food and then on top of that I have to pay for school fees, medicals, and I have to pay for her clothes…I don’t mind though, that’s my child and have been taking care of her since she was born but what I mind is a child being used to extort me,” he said. “This ex-wife of mine, if you want to know gets paid four times my salary. She is a senior economist at the Bank of Zambia. I only get K20,000 per month… but she wants my tuma little money hehehehe, that’s the challenge. But I am talking to my lawyers trying to go back to court and review that judgment. Even if I have such money, which child…where I grew up in Matero we used to live 10, nine children in one house and used to live on equivalent, those days, of K500 for food as long as you buy mealie meal, the rest is easy with a thousand maximum. Even now big families, a K1,000 or K2,000 maximum for meals. Even me in my house now alone I probably spend about a thousand for food but a 10-year old should spend K7,000 for food, really!”

Sampa said he had four children.

“And if I give each one K7,000 for food, how about school fees, how about medicals, how about myself? I need to eat, I need to live, so it’s impractical and will challenge it back in court. It can only be the court to assist me,” said Sampa. “That argument that I have been sleeping on the floor is true and I am happy that I am starting a new life and managed to buy new exotic nice bed and dining table and lounge suite, the best of the best. When my house is ready in the next one month I will invite you to a house warming party.”

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