Reject PF attempts to change the Constitution, Sensele urges youths

PAUL Sensele has asked youths to reject any attempts by the PF to change the Republican Constitution.

The opposition NDC central committee member, in an interview, urged the youths to speak out against PF’s attempts to change the Constitution.

“We need more voices from the youths against the attempts to amend the Constitution. We are the only nation whose leaders want to change the Constitution every year,” he said. “We don’t want any changes and so I call for more voices against the PF’s attempts to change our supreme law.”

And Sensele said Zambian youths were fed up with President Lungu’s divisive language.

“Our youths need inspiration but they are not getting it from the PF leadership. They are not getting inspired by President Edgar Lungu.

His talk is divisive and a recipe for bloodshed. We need an inspiratory leader in State House and not one who preaches hate. We don’t need the Head of State who does not condemn those that are spreading hate speech and tribalism. The best we can get is in the NDC through Chishimba Kambwili and his vice Josephs Akafumba.”

Meanwhile, Sensele said he has been going round residential areas to mobilise for Kambwili.

“I have been going round Livingstone mobilising the party and selling our president’s name. I can tell you that CK is greatly liked by the youths. In short all I can say is that we have grown so much at grassroots level and we are becoming a force to reckon with,” he said. “I have been in the MMD, UPND, and also the PF. I know all the tactics of these political parties so it is very easy to dislodge them. I have been a councillor and a major campaigner of the PF and I managed to get the highest number of votes for Michael Sata in 2011 in Akapelwa ward.”

Sensele said the youths were so eager to be addressed by Kambwili and Akafumba.

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