Remedial work part of school life, says NAQEZ

THE National Action for Quality Education in Zambia says remedial work is part of school life, especially for learners who have learning challenges.

Executive director Aaron Chansa said NAQEZ was not in support of totally banning tuitions in public schools.

“While we agree that learners must be given a break during holidays in order for them to rest, get energised for another academic term, we think that slow learners must be retained during holidays,” he said. “Remedial work is part of school life, especially for learners who have learning challenges. Let the ministry provide exceptions in banning these tuitions otherwise these holiday tuitions could be very useful in improving learning outcomes among academically challenged pupils.”

Chansa said the Ministry of General Education must just make sure that those identified slow learners are not charged and abused.

“Over private schools, it is very difficult for the ministry to deal with them since they are privately owned. But we appeal to private school owners not to overcharge pupils during holidays and must never make these holiday tuitions compulsory. School going children have a right to have holidays in between terms,” he said.

The Ministry of General Education on Friday banned tuitions during weekends or holidays in all government and boarding schools.

Permanent secretary Jobbicks Kalumba, however, said private schools and tuition centres were in businesses and were not covered by the circular.

In a circular to provincial education officers, district education board secretaries and head teachers dated August 9, Ministry of General Education spokesperson Nondo M. Chilonga stated that the ministry has with immediate effect banned weekend and holiday tuitions in all day and boarding schools.

Chilonga stated that the directive was arising from the fact that the MoGE circular number MESVTEE/101/33/10 of July 2013 which allowed the conduct of tuitions and advised schools to complete syllabi in time so as to allow learners to sit the national examinations with a fair level of competence and confidence is not being adhered to.

She stated that it had been realised that there had been a complete departure from the initial idea of weekend and holiday tuitions and that tuitions have stopped serving the purpose they were intended for.

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