Legana counter sues Lusaka couple

LEGANA Investment Limited has counter sued a Lusaka couple Eric Ng’andu and his wife Luyando Kopakopa claiming damages for defamation of character arising from a libelous publication of false allegations that it produces Hungarian sausages contaminated with human flesh and condoms.

Legana Investments Limited is claiming exemplary and special damages, saying after the video that Kopakopa made and caused to be circulated on social media last week, the business has suffered special damages due to a heavy reduction in the sales of its products country wide.

Luyando Kopakopa is in her suit against Legana was claiming for tortious liability arising from the consumption of disputed Hungarian sausage product which is a product of Legana as the plaintiff is not disputing the casing or grading of the sausage but the nature or appearance of the casing of the same sausage which was substandard and a total negligence on the part of Legana meat products.

Kopakopa in her statement of claimed had stated that on or about August 3, 2019, the she purchased 1 kg of Hungarian sausage from Pick n Pay Makeni Mall and stored it in a freezer until August 6 when she opted to fry two sausages.

Kopakopa claimed that after preparing the sausage, she immediately gave a piece to her husband and she proceeded to eat some up to a point where she encountered what appeared to be a used condom which contained some meat inside.

The complainant alleged that the sausage contained an outer cover and that the meat which was on the suspected condom appeared like human flesh to her.

The medical student stated that upon observing the same, she allegedly went into convulsion, stress, fear and excessive vomiting.

However, according to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court by lawyers GM Legal Practitioners, Legana contended that it was engaged in the production and sale of various meat products in most parts of the country.

The meat producing company said that it supplies some of its meat products to Pick n’ Pay Supermarket Limited for sale.

Legana contended that on August 3, 2919, Ng’andu purchased Hungarian sausages from Pick n’ Pay Makeni Mall in Lusaka and on August 6, Ng’andu in the company of Kopakopa, allegedly discovered what looked like a condom in one of the sausages purchased.

The plaintiff stated that between August 6 and 8, 2019, Kopakopa made and caused to be circulated on social media two videos in which she alleged that she had personally bought sausage three days prior and that when she prepared it, she discovered a condom and human flesh in the sausage.

In the said video, Kopakopa stated that: “I was chewing through the sausage and then I found a condom in it…with some meat on its outside meaning we have been eating human flesh all this while.”

The complainant averred that Ng’andu on August 7 lodged a complaint with the Department of Public Health at the Lusaka City Council claiming that he found a condom-like foreign matter in a sausage produced by Legana.

Legana contended that Kopakopa further claimed that Legana has been feeding its customers human flesh all along, and the videos went viral on social media within a few minutes.

The plaintiff stated that Kopakopa’s words in their ordinary and natural meaning were meant to mean and were understood to mean that the company is involved in mass murders and has been feeding the general public human flesh under the guise of it being Hungarian sausages and that its production system lacks proper sanity standards such that foreign matter like condoms are found in its products.

The complainant further stated that on August 8, they lodged a complaint against Kopakopa for alarming the public but she did not appear and switched off her phone as at the date of commencing the matter in court.

Legana stated that on August 9, the Department of Public Health at LCC issued a statement that there was no evidence of foreign matter identified and that the casing was identified as a food grade case.

The meat company contended that as a result of the malicious allegations raised by the defendants, the company has suffered severe loss and damage to its reputation and goodwill in the eyes of right thinking members of the public and sales of its products have reduced significantly.

Legana is also claiming interests on the monies found due, cost of the action and any other relief the court may deem fit.

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