We’re seeing PF struggling towards their death in 2021, says Mbuzi

PATRIOTIC Front information and publicity secretary in Eastern Province William Phiri has described the UPND as a bunch of criminals that no one is ready to support.

But UPND publicity secretary Victor Mbuzi says the PF have not fulfilled anything but are only seen struggling towards their death in 2021.

In an interview, Phiri said Zambians should give PF another mandate in 2021 so that it finishes the massive developments it has distributed countrywide.

“People of Zambia should give PF another mandate come 2021 because UPND can’t be trusted by anyone as it is a bunch of criminals, angry criminals, who have just come to loot,” he said.

He said the PF government had distributed various developments in provinces, including where its popularity was low.

“Everywhere you go, development is visibly seen such as new roads, new and upgraded schools, new hospitals, new clinics and farming inputs are given in good time to the farmers. Talking about relief food, it’s being distributed even in areas where we did not get votes in 2016 as PF but because of able leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, everyone is considered. This is the reason why people of Zambia will vote for the party that is doing, the party that is providing development to them,” Phiri said.

He said the issue of corruption which the UPND accuse PF of practicing was a perception without evidence, a sign that the UPND has run out of words to convince people to join them.

He challenged UPND to indicate why it had been losing by-elections.

“Issue of corruption in PF is not there, it’s just a perception which the UPND have because they have no message to tell the people. Look, people will vote for the party which they see its doing things. What type of people are UPND? Criminals, people of Zambia, never should you listen to UPND propaganda, it doesn’t help this nation,” Phiri said.

He added that no one was afraid of UPND and that come 2021 they will see and believe that Eastern Province was the bedroom of PF under Edgar Lungu.

But UPND publicity secretary Victor Mbuzi said PF was aware that their future was characterised by darkness.

“The sentiments by PF through a failed William Phiri in Kanjala ward does not shake us because their sentiments have no salt. They have been loosing most by-elections, a signal that time is not with them. They lost in Sesheke, they lost in Katuba, they lost in Roan, they lost in Petauke and they are still loosing up to 2021. In this year alone, things have not been good, things have been tough to our friends in PF,” he said.

Mbuzi further said in 2016, the PF promised lower taxes, jobs in 90 days, farming inputs in good time but have failed.

He wondered whether failure to buy crops from farmers was promise fulfillment.

“ Look at the difference between a briefcase buyer price and the government one, total mockery to the people of Zambia who have indeed lost hope in the PF government. They started roads projects in 2012 up to date, roads have not been improved…all we see is them struggling towards their death in 2021,” he said.

Mbuzi said the failure to mention the owner of 48 houses in Lusaka was a sign that the owner was a senior member of the Patriotic Front party and government.

“That is why PF is scared of leaving power. We have a signal that the future of PF is dark, they have nowhere to go as they are scared of their own shadow,” Mbuzi said.

He also said all UPND structures were intact.

He also reminded the PF that they are not God to say UPND would not form government because MMD underrated Michael Sata but God gave him power to rule and that the same would happen to UPND.

“…they are not God to say UPND can’t form government because leadership is chosen by God. Look, the MMD said Sata could not rule but what did we saw? Never underrate anyone and truly in 2021, the mood can tell that we are forming government,” said Mbuzi.

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