Please God, save us from this bunch of criminals – Kazabu

PLEASE God, save us from this bunch of criminals who want to rape and mutilate everything good belonging to our people, says Lackson Kazabu.

And Kazabu, who is former livestock and fisheries deputy minister, says it is sad that the Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini could join the likes of Vice-President Inonge Wina n accepting illegality.

In an interview, Kazabu praised the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) for filing an injunction in the Constitutional Court to restrain government, through the National Assembly, from enacting the Constitution (Amendment) Bill number 10 of 2019.

“Why are we having so much irresponsibility in this country? The institutions which are supposed to defend the people have been compromised, like the ACC which can’t find the owner of the 48 miracle houses, no! It is sad and a chase against the wind. Please God, save us from this bunch of criminals who want to rape and mutilate everything good for Zambia from the Republican Constitution to the Forest Reserve No 27 all the way to the country’s wealth,” Kazabu, a former Nkana member of parliament, pleaded.

He added that men and women in law gowns under LAZ should always be on the side of the people and defend the constitution.

“They want to rape and mutilate the Republican Constitution for their own interests…. We join LAZ in the fight to protect the Republican Constitution…even the parliamentarians I know that they are hearing what the many voices of the NGOs, CSOs, and LAZ are saying, I hope they will search their souls and conscious and do that which is right for Zambians,” Kazabu said.

He said it was sad that high profile people could accept to be given land in forest No 27, which was not advertised.

“What happens to the poor Zambian near some protected forest somewhere in out there, should they also get land in that protected area? Why this irresponsibility and unfair justice?…that is why we have poor youths wallowing in prison for shop lifting, while, for instance Dr Simon
Miti, who has been cited to appear before court over corruption issues being Secretary to the Cabinet, we have poor women on the streets while PF thieves are living a life that cannot be compared to that of those under Dr Kenneth Kaunda,” Kazabu said.

He said the Chief Justice would be contributing to the destruction of Zambia’s natural resources, which was unfair to posterity.

“We need generational equity and fairness. What the current generation is enjoying should be passed on to the next generation and not destroy the natural resources that have been given to us by God. I now hear that human effluent is now being discharged in the Chalimbana River
and this is leading to people consuming contaminated water,” said Kazabu.
“The environment is the source of our lives, we need food and water which depends on good natural resources, everything should be done to preserve forest No 27…it is sad that we have leaders that can give themselves this natural resources, please stop that and search in your
souls and do the right thing.”

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