I still advocate for castration for defilers – Sister D

MUSICIAN Sister D says she still advocates for castration for defilers if they are proved guilty.

Sister D, real name Daputsa Nkhata, also says providing free sanitary wear to school going girls is a huge plus in supporting the girl child.

Nkhata, a child rights activist, in the early 2000s released a song called Vitendeni meaning castrate them.

“I wrote the song when I heard on radio that a two-year-old child had been sexually abused and infected with HIV. I looked at my daughter who was only two and thought to myself what would I do to a man who does that to a child. I was in the kitchen and I saw a knife and the thought that came to mind was castrate them. (Vijubeni) and what better way can a message be sent than through a song,” she said.

“I still advocate for castration if proven guilty. Even chemical castration can do.”

And Nkhata said providing free sanitary wear to school going children was a huge plus in supporting the girl children.

She said sanitary towels were very costly and most girls cannot access them.

“Can you imagine the discomfort that comes with mensuration and on top of that you have no access to pads? This is a step in the right direction. In addition to this positive step, we need to make sure that girls and women have access to clean water and sanitation. These will be of great help,” said Nkhata. “Women in rural areas walk long distances to fetch water and this water is not even clean. They either die of disease from the dirty water or get sick from the long distances they walk to fetch this commodity.”

First ladies Vera Tembo Chiluba and Maureen Mwanawasa on Wednesday called for the promotion of distribution of free sanitary wear for school going girls.

Vera has asked the public to listen to the cries of girls who do not have anything to use during their menstrual cycle while Maureen said menses is not a choice but a natural occurrence in the life of a woman which cannot be ignored.

Build Chembe Foundation founder and chairperson Sebastian Kopulande said following his maiden speech in Parliament on November 1, 2016 on the issue he raised over girls dropping out of school, he has been pushing that agenda as member of parliament and established the Build Chembe Foundation which is now running the Girl Child Education Support Programme.

He said the programme was aimed at mobilising resources and sanitary pads for distribution in schools.

All the former first ladies Vera, Maureen, Thandiwe Banda and Dr Christine Kaseba Sata have been supporting the effort and have committed to supporting the initiative to take part in the distribution of sanitary pads.

Meanwhile, Nkhata said she has recorded a number of songs though not released.

She said she was hoping to release one or two this year.

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