Colonialists were better than PF – Sialubalo

SINAZONGWE UPND member of parliament Gift Sialubalo says colonialists were better than the PF regime because they never subjected citizens to hunger.

He says Sinazongwe is devastated and people feel neglected by the government.

Sialubalo said unlike the PF, the colonial masters never made people to suffer in terms of food as was the case in the country today.

“Colonialists were better than the PF regime because they looked at people’s tummies and never subjected citizens to hunger apart from engaging in slave trade and never made people to suffer in terms of food like people of Sinazongwe are suffering now without aid from government,” he told The Mast.

Sialubalo said the hunger situation in Sinazongwe as bad and beyond the pain citizens endured in the colonial era.

“We don’t want someone who will be discussing the hunger situation in most parts of the country when they are in Lusaka themselves. I challenge whoever is holding a government position to go to the remotest parts of Sinazongwe. They should go and see what is happening there,” he said. “We are not politicking and there is no way someone can be politicking on food. All we are saying is that let those who feel hunger must not be declared a national disaster visit Sinazongwe as far as Siampondo, Kafwambila, Chiyabi, and Siameja. They should visit those areas.”

Sialubalo said the situation in the valley was pathetic.

He said no leader worth their salt could be saying the hunger situation in the country was under control when it was not the case.

“All we are saying is we would have grown enough food for ourselves but because of a natural calamity we failed. Now the government should come in and help us. We need relief food as of today,” Sialubalo said.

He said Sinazongwe Constituency was extremely devastated.

“And we feel neglected by the government because by now it would have been in each and every corner of the country. The government is mistreating its own citizens,” Sialubalo said. “There is no way someone can be enjoying life in Lusaka and calling themselves as leader yet they don’t mind how people in Siampondo, Kafwambila, Siameja, and Chiyabi are surviving in the absence of relief food.”

He urged the government to start distributing relief food monthly to people in rural areas affected by hunger.

“The situation is extremely bad especially that the valley receives rains very late, meaning that till February next year there will be extreme poverty than it is now because now we were still relying on selling goats to Kasumbalesa,” said Sialubalo.

“But now there is nothing anymore because we have depleted them… The worst thing now is for anyone to buy a bag of maize from FRA, that particular person who is already hungry is subjected to a long process. A process of going to FRA to get a form then fill it and take it to the bank, make a deposit and wait for approval. Imagine someone who is in dire need of the commodity is subjected to a long process. I wonder if the government is there to help the people of Sinazongwe or it is one way of punishing them. The situation is tedious, people are hungry, they move longer distances to reach maize depots in Sinazeze and Maamba. The government should have thought of the easiest way of helping those who have resources to buy the commodity than subjecting them to go to FRA to get a form and take it to the bank and wait for confirmation.”

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