Zambian youth authors book on freedom fighters

THE story of Zambia’s gallant freedom fighters is something that we have not taken time to fully document and pass on to the next generation, says Mwila Bwanga.

The young author says many youths of modern day Zambia are illiterate as regards their history, and he has written a book to remind them of those who fought and shed blood and tears for their country’s freedom.

The book ‘Giants of Liberation’ will feature profiles and insights into some of the prominent figures in Zambia’s struggle for independence.

He says Zambia needs to celebrate its own heroes.

“It is sad that whenever young people are asked who inspires them as regards matters of leadership, they always look to the West, and such is as result of how the West has documented and marketed their heroes, something we lack in our nation,” he says. “It is therefore to this effect I have chosen to write a book that will brand and market our heroes to the current generation in such a way that the young people are able to draw inspiration and direction.

“My hope is to put something together that will help young people understand the value of honouring our giants.”

Mwila has so far documented over twenty freedom fighters and former leaders, adding that he is depending on both primary and secondary data as regards documentation for the book.

He further hopes the book will in future culminate into media production through which such stories can be told on a wider platform.

Mwila, 26 describes himself as a rising African beacon of inspiration to his generation.

He has so far authored four books, his last one ‘I Am Africa’ is an award winning book that he says is used in scholarly circles.

He intends to officially launch ‘Giants of Liberation’ in October and hopes to have the remaining freedom fighters, including first Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda, in attendance.

“On the launch of the book I wish to bring all freedom fighters that are alive, and those that are not shall be represented by their families,” he says.

“The launch shall be themed ‘A Nation United’ and I hope to bring back the very same aroma and atmosphere that was felt when Zambia first gained its independence, with the hope to bring about a sense of unity and purpose in our nation.”

Among the personalities Mwila has documented for his book so far are:

Dr Kenneth Kaunda
Mama Betty Kaunda
Grey Zulu
Mainza Chona
Sikota Wina
Arthur Wina
Mama Julia Chikamoneka
Mama Christina Mulundika
Mama Chibesakunda Kankasa
Timothy Kankasa
Vernon Mwaanga
Martin Jangulo
Mama Betty Chilunga
Robert Makasa
Andrew Sadanis
Simon Zukas
Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe

“I have engaged a wide range of the freedom fighters. Most of them are too old to give details so for such I am depending on already published literature,” says Mwila.

“Their stories need to be told and I feel if such came from a young man it would go a long way.”

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