Criminals using police to victimise and persecute innocent citizens – Changala

IT is amazing that in Zambia criminals are pursuing and persecuting innocent citizens when it should be the way round, Brebner Changala has observed.

Meanwhile, a source has accused home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo of destroying the police and the country’s prosecution system.

Changala, a governance activist, argues that police’s continued invasion of Dr M’membe’s house in Chinsali, some two months after raiding the property without a warrant, is abuse of power and was uncalled for.

He urged the Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyunyi to do the right thing and tell Dr M’membe that there was no case against him.

Changala said Dr M’membe had lived his life as a decent and obedient citizen and does not deserve the persecution he was being subjected to by the government.

He said it was sad that criminals were using police to victimise and persecute innocent citizens even without knowing what crimes they had committed.

“One day they will be made to account for their actions and that time is coming. They are scared and that’s why they want to cripple Dr M’membe financially and emotionally,” Changala said.

He said it was surprising that although the PF had already destroyed The Post Newspapers which Dr M’membe worked for for 25 years of his energetic days of his life, they were still working to persecute and destroy him.

Changala reminded the PF that Zambia belonged to Zambians including those who did not support or agree with them.

“It is immoral and unacceptable to pursue an innocent citizen until he runs bankrupt. It is amazing that Dr M’membe is being pursued by criminals when it should be the other way round. They even have the audacity to use the police for their abuse when the police don’t even know what crimes the people they are pursuing committed,” he said.

Changala urged Dr M’membe to remain strong in the wake of the persecution from conniving criminal elements.

“They have nothing against him, that is why they are fishing for what charges they can give him to cripple him,” said Changala.

And an impeachable source has accused Kampyongo of unlawfully taking over the commanding of police operations.

“Power has gotten to Kampyongo’s head and he is terribly abusing the police. He is directly commanding police operations. He tells the police who to arrest, who deny a permit for a meeting or protest,” the source charged. “We know that even in Chinsali it is Kampyongo who was commanding the police to occupy Dr Fred M’membe’s house at Mwika Royal Village to settle his political scores.”

The source accused Kampyongo of putting unnecessary pressure on the prosecution authorities.

“Public prosecutors are forced by Kampyongo to prosecute cases that don’t make sense at all resulting in embarrassing outcomes,” the source said. “This is not only undermining the credibility of our prosecution system but also unnecessarily clogging the court system.”

The source charged that Kampyongo had turned the police into persecution force.

“Political opponents are being persecuted by Kampyongo using the police. This is gross abuse of the police and it must be stopped.”

The source put the blame on President Edgar Lungu for giving Kampyongo a job that is beyond him.

“Kampyongo is not fit to be Minister of Home Affairs. That job requires a mature, sober and reasonably educated person, preferably with some legal knowledge,” the source said. “That ministry is too important to leave to a reckless fellow like Kampyongo. “

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