Zambia has no future in the hands of a failed leadership hell-bent on graft, says Msoni

ZAMBIA has no future in the hands of a failed leadership that is hell-bent on graft, says Nason Msoni.

In a statement yesterday, Msoni, the All People’s Congress president, stated that no one believes that another term of office for President Edgar Lungu would deliver deliverables and fix the broken down governance system.

“The massive starvation of our people bares full testament of the dangerous levels of gross incompetence by this government,” Msoni stated.

“We are very clear that with such teetering edge crippling recession and the negative economic fundamentals playing out, the PF regime stands no realistic chance of bouncing back to government under a free and fair election. The President’s insistence to keep graft indicted suspects in Cabinet portfolios in defiance of public demands is clearly a lost opportunity for him to fix-up and turn a page on grand corruption.”

Msoni stated that the persistent allegations of corruption in government were a negative narrative that had defined and stigmatised the PF government and that could well be its downfall.

The sustained gravitation of politicians filing numerous complainants against each other with police on the slightest of flimsy grounds was entirely cheapening and reducing the credibility and standing of the collective political leadership in the country.

“We think that this childish behaviour is collectively undermining public confidence in the entire politicians. We all need to seriously reflect on this erroneous behaviour before it is too,” stated Msoni.

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