GBM has no legal right to stop HH’s movemens – Chifita

UPND Central Province chairman Albert Chifita has advised Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to stop engaging in tribal politics and regionalism.

In a statement, Chifita charged that the former defence minister has no legal right to restrict the movement of UNPD leader Hakainde Hichilema in the country.

He observed that, like any other citizen, Hichilema had a Constitutional right of freedom of movement and assembly.

“First of all, GBM should know that he does not own people anywhere, whether in Northern, Luapula or Muchinga province. The Constitution of Zambia has important articles, which should remind GBM to tame his tongue. Article 3 states that, ‘The Republic is a unitary, indivisible, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious, multicultural and multi-party democratic state.’ Does GBM understand this Article clearly? Or he needs somebody to translate it for him in Bemba? Article 4 states that, ‘The Republic shall not cede in whole or in part.’ GBM should tell the people of Zambia whether he wants the three Provinces not to be part of Zambia where all Zambians are free to visit or settle as free citizens,” Chifita stated. “For now, GBM is an ordinary citizen with no powers of restricting HH to one part of Zambia. Let him tell the people of Zambia where he derives his authority of banning HH from visiting the three provinces against the principles of the Constitution, which protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of individual citizens. It also protects the freedom of movement which GBM is trying to obstruct. Bembas are respectful people and they think independently of GBM and are not his followers. The Bembas are living in other parts of Zambia where other tribes are found. They cannot sink so low to follow GBM’s ranting. HH is free to go to any parts of Zambia without any restriction. As UPND, we encourage HH to visit the three (3) provinces of Muchinga, Luapula and Northern to test GBM’s flattery language of ‘No go area for HH’. As a matter of fact, the people of Zambia are anxiously waiting to hear what President Lungu would say on the words GBM uttered. The tongue of GBM is lethal and can set the whole country on fire if we are not careful. We should not divide the country on those lines as propagated by GBM. We need peace in Zambia at all times. The motto, ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ in Zambia today has no meaning. In Kaunda’s era, it played a significant role by uniting the people as one nation.”

Chifita also reminded Zambians the Patriotic Front leadership not to trust Mwamba, stating that the former PF Kasama member of parliament lied when he stated that he could not rejoin the PF because it was a sinking Titanic, full of “tukabwalalas”.

“Few days before he resigned as UPND vice-President to rejoin PF, GBM said, ‘I am not mad to return to PF and described it as, a ‘sinking Titanic’. Few days later, he resigned to rejoin the PF, the party he heavily criticised. Are we wrong to conclude that GBM is definitely mad? This is what himself told the people of Zambia during the press briefing he held at the UPND secretariat,” Chifita recounted. “The people in PF are aware of GBM’s unbecoming behaviour and that is why he was given a cold shoulder reception. He was received by the interim provincial chairman, Paul Moonga, and not the secretary general of the party (PF). This situation was shameful for the position of a vice-president of a bigger political party, UPND. It was a shameful episode indeed and it seems GBM does not understand things in wider perspective. GBM is an outright tribalist and a pathological liar. GBM should not think that the people in PF are not smart enough to read between the lines. They know who GBM is and the evil acts he can perform.”

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