I won’t allow NDC deregistration – Kambwili

By Charles Tembo in Luanshya

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says even if he is sick, he will not allow deregistration of the NDC.

He said the PF government has been planning to deregister NDC while at the same time register Mwenya Musenge’s party called ZOOM.

“Even if I am sick, I will speak because the government is misbehaving. I’m extremely disappointed that the PF government has and continues to try and use Mwenya Musenge to deregister NDC,” he said. “All what is happening in NDC which is perceived as internal is because of PF, because they are so scared of NDC and Chishimba Kambwili. But their evil plans will not have any results. And I want to warn Hon Musenge, the Minister of Home Affairs [Stephen Kampyongo], the Registrar [of Societies] and [President] Edgar Lungu that my dear brothers if God in His wisdom said Kambwili will be president, I will and if God says the opposite, it will be. You have been arresting me with impunity. But that has not helped you on the political scene.”

Kambwili said PF has been using Musenge, the former NDC secretary general, to have the party deregistered.

“They had a meeting with Musenge to register a party called ZOOM – Zambia Our Own Motherland (ZOOM). Edgar Lungu, Kampyongo, Musenge and ZOOM party! This ZOOM was created on Friday and the target is that NDC should be deregistered. Just the name ZOOM will tell you fiwelewele (it’s useless),” he said during a media briefing at his residence in Luanshya yesterday.

And Kambwili said that Forest Reserve No. 42 of Shibuyunji has been de-gazetted and shared among named leaders, including President Lungu.

He said it was illegal for the State to wantonly do so while the rest of citizens were struggling to access land.

Kambwili also said people had rejected the constitution bill.

“So what are you doing by allowing it? Ba Speaker [Dr Patrick Matibini] what are you doing? Don’t think I’m happy the way you threw me out of Parliament,” Kambwili said. “Anyway, the matter is in court and I will not talk about it. These thieves get them out. If you give them 2021, they will come and steal your flowers in your homes. We have suffered, God, where did you get this man Lungu, Oh God?”

He said those in government wanted to share the Constitution the same way they had shared plots.

Kambwili said he was fully aware of the plan to cover up the 48 houses scandal.

“You people at State House think you are clever. The people that work at State House do not love you. I am aware that you want to call (Moise) Katumbi (former Katanga governor) to come and claim the houses or some Congolese businessmen to claim them. The owner of the houses worked at State House and resigned. That one who resigned, we will come and arrest him. Keep Katumbi out of your nonsense, he is a genuine man who is fighting in Congo just like I’m fighting here,” he said. “…I have a list of people that got land in the first demarcation of Forest 27. When you look here, ma ministers beka beka [it’s all ministers] and senior officers elo ba Dora Siliya muletweba ati [is telling us] there is no law that compels the Ministry [of Lands] to advertise!”

He also urged President Lungu not to underestimate the hunger in the country.

“Edgar Lungu, I want to appeal to you and ministers; don’t underestimate the hunger in the country. Don’t even joke on mealie-meal, that is what even made Kaunda to go. Lungu you will collapse. Rupiah Banda wept, but you will collapse,” said Kambwili.

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