It’s madness to call for LAZ president’s impeachment for trying to save the constitution – Kazabu

ZAMBIANS should wake up and see things afar apart from what they are seeing now because the PF wants to rape and mutilate the constitution to the advantage of President Edgar Lungu, says Lackson Kazabu.

And Kazabu says he has information that the PF government wants to divide Western Province into two provinces.

In an interview, Kazabu, who is former livestock and fisheries deputy minister, said people with weird thinking were attacking Law Assciation of Zambia (LAZ) for trying to protect the Republican Constitution on behalf of Zambians.

“I extend a word of encouragement to LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa, Linda Kasonde and the lawyers who will represent LAZ such as John Sangwa for being on the right side of Zambia. They stand for the interest of Zambians, not only those of us who are here now but also those that will be born in future,” the former Nkana member of parliament said.

“I fail to believe that we can have educated people worshipping individuals and not trying to protect Zambians. We are saying no. We don’t want the constitution to be raped and mutilated in favour of President Edgar Lungu. We can go to the 2021 elections under its current state. Zambians should wake up and see things apart from what they see now,” Kazabu said.

He added that it was madness to call for impeachment of LAZ president for trying to save the supreme law of the land on behalf of Zambians.

Kazabu encouraged LAZ and other civil society organisations to fight hard and save the constitution by opposing Amendment Bill No 10 of 2019.

“We have so many burning issues that we can spend our time and resources on such as the hunger situation, the animal disease issues, poor agriculture policies and the issue of universities that are constantly being shut down. These are the areas we should concentrate our energies on,” he said.

Kazabu also said the PF wants to split Western Province believing that it can kill the opposition UPND’s dominance in the area.

“They want to divide Western Province into two, we can see through these guys so Zambians should wake up as well,” said Kazabu.

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