I won’t be intimidated, says Kambwili

I WILL never be intimidated even if Stephen Kampyongo instructs police to arrest me because I will continue telling the truth on how this heartless government is raping the country through grand corruption, says Chishimba Kambwili.

The National Democratic Congress leader was responding to home affairs minister Kampyongo’s ‘instruction’ that police would soon summon Kambwili to ‘help’ with investigations into the ownership of the 48 houses.

Kambwili told the media that the owner of the 48 houses who has remained unknown is a former State House worker who resigned.

Kampyongo had said this during the recent hand-over of 25 houses to Zambia Police Service in Kwacha Constituency in Kitwe.

He further lashed out at Kambwili, calling him a fool.

“Twalapitilisha ukutulukusha nangu ifipuba fimo tafiletotela. Kwaliba filya tutila ati uwakupata tatila busuma bobe, atini. Kuti icimuntu califinfimana na mano nayo yalifinfimana citontonkanyafye mungulu mungulu (We will continue striving hard although some fools are not appreciating. Those that hate you will never tell you how good you are, you would find an ugly guy and his reasoning is just as ugly),” Kampyongo said.

But Kambwili said Kampyongo’s instructions to police had not come as a surprise to him owing to the PF’s trend of effecting arrests on him whenever they saw it fit.

“Super ‘cop’ Kampyongo at it again. Wonders will never cease as former Katondo street money changer (Kabova) Steven Kampyongo has yet again, in his usual style of abusing state institutions, issued an indirect arrest warrant directed at me,” Kambwili stated.

“In one of the postings by the ruling government’s State House online media blog called Smart Eagles, Kampyongo, who is the Minister of Home Affairs and solely in charge of police is quoted giving instructions to the Mayor of Luanshya District where I reside to come and inform me of my impending arrest and I quote:

‘Mr Nathan Chanda, Luanshya Mayor and Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson – I want you to convey this message to one of the Luanshya residents who was claiming, at some press briefing yesterday, to know the owner of the 48 houses under investigations in Lusaka. We will soon call him to come and help the police with investigations since he knows the owner of those houses.”

Kambwili added that he would never allow Kampyongo to abuse his authority with impunity.

“This came barely 24 hours after my press briefing where I revealed to the nation rampant corruption in the distribution of land and other matters affecting our citizens. This though has not come as a surprise to me as it has become a trend for the PF government to effect arrests on me as and when they deem it fit to do so. Earlier this year, Kampyongo threatened to “fix” me and a few days later I was bundled like a common criminal in a police vehicle from Lusaka to Luanshya to go and answer charges of ‘unlawful assembly’ for merely addressing AVIC employees who had come to my house to complain about low salaries in my capacity as area member of parliament then,” he said.

“The State through the courts entered a nolle prosequi one month later after having been put in police cells and denied my rightful access to a mattress, proper ventilation, toilet, made to sleep on the cold floor and earlier denied police bond for 24 hours. This time around, I will never allow Kampyongo to abuse his authority with impunity and make the State spend unnecessary resources. Last time I was arrested in Luanshya, over 300 police officers from Kamfinsa were deployed and spent 48 hours in the district, including the Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga who spent 2 nights in Luanshya over a misdemeanor case I was charged with,” Kambwili recalled.

He said what Kampyongo was doing was a scheme to intimidate and probably silence him at great cost to the nation as State resources were being used to drive the minister’s illegal agenda.

Kambwili further said he would not avail himself to police when summoned because they were highly compromised.

“This time around, as a ‘whistle-blower myself revealing rampant corruption in this country, Kampyongo has issued instructions of my arrest to an extent of teasing my current malaria ailment that ‘even with a cannula on, we shall arrest you!’. I want to tell Kampyongo that I will never be intimidated even if he instructs police to arrest me 50 or 100 times because I will continue telling the truth to the nation on how this heartless government is raping the country through grand corruption,” Kambwili said.

“For the record, even when police summon me to go and report the matter of the 48 ‘miracle houses’ and other matters, I will not avail myself because police cannot force me to report a matter to them when I know that the police is highly compromised and controlled by Kampyongo. As long as the people involved are connected to PF, I will be ‘firing blanks’. For example, one of the ministers, Bowman Lusambo, and others are alleged to have caused injuries to five of our cadres, one of whom – Obed Kasongo – has since died while the other has mentalapsis due to head injuries, from April. Four months down the road the police have not effected arrests on known assailants,” Kambwili complained.

He maintained that due to unprofessionalism and abuse by Kampyongo, the Zambia Police Service won’t act on any matter reported to them, thereby rendering whistle-blowers’ reports useless.

He mocked Kampyomngo saying he was awaiting [Nathan] Chanda’s message of arrest.

“However, should the police come and arrest me this time around, I will move the Chief Justice to set up a tribunal to probe Kampyongo’s continued unprofessionalism and abuse of authority. I also expect that when the tribunal is set up, Kampyongo should be compelled to step down to avoid interference in the investigations. In the meantime, I am still awaiting the PF provincial chairman Nathan Chanda to come and ‘deliver’ the message of my arrest as instructed by Kampyongo,” said Kambwili.

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