M’membe makes the case for blood donation

SOCIALIST Party 2021 presidential candidate Fred M’membe on Tuesday made a passionate appeal to Zambians to donate blood in view of the critical shortage of the life-saving liquid.

Dr M’membe returned to the UTH Blood Bank where he again donated blood.

He said he was not sacrificing his life by giving life-saving blood.

As he lay on a bed with blood-extracting drips and cannula attached to his arm, Dr M’membe said there were 30 per cent Zambians like him capable of donating blood.

“There is no blood in the country. We need to donate every three months. We have serious, serious shortage of blood. If we don’t (donate), who will?” a composed Dr M’membe asked a journalist who had quizzed him why he had returned to UTH to donate his blood. “There are about 30 per cent of us who can donate blood. So if that 30 per cent does not donate, there will be no blood. So we really need to donate blood. So all those people who can donate must donate as a matter of duty.”

Dr M’membe said blood cannot be manufactured.

“It has to be donated. If it was something that you can manufacture, it would be easy to go to a factory and manufacture. But you can’t,” he said as blood was being drawn from his veins. “The blood you are seeing being put in people, it’s coming from other human beings. If other human beings don’t donate blood, there will be no blood and there are so many people every day who need blood.”

Dr M’membe said without blood donors, people’s lives would be lost.

“Do you want to see somebody dead because they needed blood and you couldn’t donate it? That is happening right now,” he said. “We have people who are dying because we are not donating blood. So, how do you feel going to bed to sleep at night with so much blood in your body which you all don’t need, which you could have given to UTH or any other hospital?”

Dr M’membe said one could donate blood every three months.

“We don’t need all the blood we have in our body. It’s excess. Every three months you can donate,” he said. “So four times in a year, it’s not asking for too much. They can’t go and manufacture blood, we simply have to donate it and we must donate it to save other human beings’ lives.”

Dr M’membe said if donating blood was a threat to one’s life, they would not allow him or anybody to do it.

“We are not sacrificing ourselves. We are not dying out of donating blood. It doesn’t pose any threat to your life,” said Dr M’membe. “They take all the care to ensure there is no threat to your life. So why are we not donating blood?”

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