Musenge is a visionless emissary of PF – Attanga

WE want to sternly warn disgruntled ex-NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge to stop parading himself as a member of our party, says Bridget Attanga.

She said Musenge was nothing but a selfish and visionless emissary of the PF.

Attanga, the National Democratic Congress secretary general, warned her former boss to desist from phoning her party members countrywide.

She accused Musenge of misleading party members that the NDC had been disbanded and consequently enticing them to join his newly formed political party, Zambia Our Own Motherland (ZOOM).

“We want to sternly warn disgruntled ex-NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge to stop parading himself as a member of our party. We have received disturbing news that Musenge is phoning party members across the country that the NDC has been disbanded,” Attanga said. “Musenge has gone further in cheating and trying to coerce our members to join his yet to be registered party calling itself Zambia Our Own Motherland (ZOOM).”

She warned of legal action if Musenge does not stop interfering with the NDC structures.

Attanga said there was suspicion that the former NDC chief executive officer had been hired to destabilize.

“We want to warn Musenge to immediately stop interfering with our structures. If Musenge continues with his desperate attempts, we shall have no option but to institute legal action against him,” she said. “As a party, we strongly suspect that Musenge has been hired to destabilise the NDC. He is nothing but a selfish, visionless emissary of the PF. We urge our members not to receive or entertain Musenge.”

Attanga charged that Musenge had a narrow agenda only known to himself and his paymasters.

She implored party functionaries to cut off all contacts with Musenge and his ‘ZOOM’ party.

“Whereas our vision is driven by the quest to develop our country, Musenge is driven by envy, jealous and a personal agenda whose purpose is self-satisfaction. ZOOM and Musenge are not going anywhere. We all know that Zoom is nothing but a surrogate of the PF,” she said.

Attanga said Musenge had no political future and would never win an election under Zambian soil.

“Musenge and his crony the home affairs minister, Steven Kampyongo have no shame. Kampyongo is using Musenge in an attempt to cripple and silence the NDC. But, their evil and desperate plans will never materialise. Musenge has no political future, no wonder he lost to an independent in the 2016 general elections. Musenge will and can never win any poll under Zambian soil,” said Attanga.

“To those Musenge is misleading, we urge them to work up and leave this man. What is however consoling to us as a party is that Musenge and the PF have failed to make impact using ZOOM. They are a failed project. I have a lot of respect for honourable Musenge, let us not lose our respect because of certain issues which we can easily sort out.”

But Musenge said registration of a party was not a simple process and could not be done in secrecy.

He said if he decides to form a political party, he would first publicly withdraw his NDC membership.

“Those things cannot be done in secrecy. It can never be done in secrecy. I am sure by now you would have heard about it. And if I had intention to register a party, it is not an offence, it is not a crime,” Musenge said. “If I decide to form a political party, then it means I have to leave the other political party – which is NDC – to start another party. Why can’t I simply come out in the open and issue a statement that ‘because of all these confusions, I have decided from today to stop being a member of NDC, I am starting my own party?’ Why can’t I do that? The bottom line here my brother, there is no ZOOM party. You can see how difficult it is to believe whatever comes from Kambwili’s mouth. It becomes very difficult.”

Musenge, who says he cannot work with NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili, accused his colleague of scheming “here and there and this thing is not helping.”

“Now, we have reached the dead end. I am trying to see how we can serve the NDC [but] they are busy trying to destroy it. And then turn around and create an impression that it is actually me who is trying to destroy the party,” Musenge said.

He said he knows a lot about Kambwili and if he meant to open up, he could say a lot.

But NDC national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita yesterday said Musenge is narrow minded.

He said Musenge’s continued disparaging the party leadership was disturbing.

“As NDC, we want to set the record straight on the membership of Musenge in the NDC. Firstly, Musenge is not a founder member of the NDC. Musenge was merely invited to join the NDC and appointed as secretary general by Dr Chishimba Kambwili for the sole purpose of registering the party,” Kabwita said.

“NDC was registered by funds availed by Dr Kambwili.

Further, we want to promulgate that Musenge was removed as secretary general of the NDC by the entire central committee on February 18 this year. Later, he took the party to court seeking to be reinstated as secretary general, but, the court ruled otherwise. As it stands, Musenge is NDC chairperson for chiefs and sraditional affairs.”

Kabwita, a former Chimwemwe Ward councillor, said a process to expel Musenge from the NDC had started.

He said the office bearers whose names were deposed at the Registrar of Societies would meet soon and expel him.

“The confusion Musenge is creating is beyond comprehension. This is because Musenge has gone to bed with the PF and has started a desperate attempt to decimate the NDC,” he said.

“Further, Musenge was removed from the initial list of the ten office bearers whose names are deposed at the Registrar of Societies. For Musenge, therefore, to continue making weird allegations about the standing of the NDC is extremely naive. It is also indiscipline of the highest holder for Musenge to continue insulting the National leadership of the party through the press.”

Kabwita said Kambwili would never leave NDC.

He charged that Musenge was a troubled man.

“His soul is troubled and will therefore do anything possible to ensure that he destabilises the party. However, his attempts have reached a snug,” Kabwita said.

He also said it was shocking that Musenge had distanced himself from his yet to be formed political party calling itself Zoom (Zambia Our Own Motherland) as records at police in Kitwe show that he was behind the party.

“And we are told that Musenge has failed to find ten people to lift their fingers to facilitate the registration process of his party. He only managed seven names. We urge him to concentrate on Zoom and leave the NDC in peace,” Kabwita said.

He said Musenge was a political loner whose days in the political realm were numbered.

Kabwita said Musenge has always been associated with confusion even in the opposition UPND and PF where he once served.

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