NDF constitution amendment an exercise in futility – Sacika

THE NDF was an organised fraud designed to produce a predetermined outcome, observes former secretary to the cabinet Sketchley Sacika.

He says an attempt to amend Zambia’s Constitution through the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) resolutions is likely to be an exercise in futility.

The April 24 to May 16, 2019 NDF resulted into the now contentious Constitution (amendment) bill No.10 of 2019.

“The latest attempt through the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) is also likely to be an exercise in futility. Constitution-making should never be shrouded in trickery and dishonesty. The NDF was an organised fraud designed to produce a predetermined outcome,” Sacika said in an interview.

“A Constitution of a country is a sacred document which must be amended fully under conditions agreed upon by all major stakeholders. If a Constitution is turned into a cheap legal instrument any political party can change at will, the country may experience political instability.”

He noted that it seemed, to him, that Zambians were “going round the circle,” in an attempt to enact a long-lasting Constitution.

“It’s clear we cannot write the Constitution on our own in the last 28 years of trying. Maybe it’s time we asked outsiders to come and help us! At the Cathedral of the Holy Cross meeting between UNIP and MMD in 1991, it was agreed that whichever political party won the elections later that year would initiate a process of drawing a Constitution to replace the 1991 Constitution,” he explained.

“But so far, we have failed to come up with a new Constitution despite two Constitution Review Commissions and two were national constitutional conferences.”

Sacika argued that the Republican Constitution of 1991 did not need amendments but ought to be repealed.

“We need a brand new Constitution which will usher in the third republic. Our highly centralised system of governance as embodied in the current Constitution has not been good for our country,” said Sacika.

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