PF has become so good at sounding stupid – Pilato

MUSICIAN Pilato says the PF has become so good at sounding stupid such that stupidity feels like it needs a full ministry.

Pilato, real names, Chama Fumba, said in a tweet that the sad part was that they were paid for it.

“You can’t expect reasonableness and get it. Sad part is they are paid for this so even the most intelligent are doing their best to sound stupid just for them to keep their jobs,” he tweeted.

And Laura Miti said she always wonders how Cabinet meetings go.

“Does everyone compete to sound less intelligent than Kateka thus dumping down further & further till they all agree on something as ridiculous as – if we insist that the hunger emergency that is there is not there, Kateka will look good,” she tweeted.

Another tweet by Norman Chipakupaku‏ @normanchips read: “A complete Ministry of Stupidity, with a Minister and Permanent Secretary would do! Everyone in PF is issuing statements and then denying them! It’s complete madness!”

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