Youth empowerment funds only on the lips under PF – Mwale

SINDA UPND youth chairperson Yobe Mwale has observed that under PF, the youth empowerment funds are only on the lips.

In interview, Mwale observed that most youths were forced to engage in various uncalled for behaviours because they lacked survival means due to absence of government supported ventures that could keep them busy.

He said most youths had dreams to attain but were shuttered by poor governance that excludes them.

He observed that during the MMD government, youths where empowered unlike under the PF government.

“We are the engines of the nation, we are the future hope of the world and we are the beacon of hope for our nation but unfortunately we are not taken that seriously by our government. The government consideration towards youths under PF cannot be compared with how we where valued and considered during the MMD government. That time there was special funding for youths and it was bearing fruits but of late, this programme is only on paper and lips while in practice it’s not existing and it is the reason why most of the youths have found themselves in very bad situations against the law in trying to find survival,” he said.

Mwale further observed that under the PF government, the constituency development fund has not been marketed as it was done in the past.

He said in Sinda, the current legislator, Masauso Tembo, did not seem to know that there was CDF because there was no single CDF development implemented in the constituency compared to the former MP Levy Ngoma.

“Where is CDF? The roads are bad, in fact, not only bad but terribly bad; where is CDF for bridges when people have to swim to cross streams during rain season? Where is CDF when there are no dams for livestock to drink water? People know CDF as their hope but its like CDF is now in the pockets of the individuals and not communities. Councils used to sit to plan how to utilise CDF but we wonder what they discuss if CDF is there,” he said. “We saw when Levy Ngoma was the MP that he was able to fight for it [CDF] and most projects under CDF, youths were engaged and I mean local youths were blessed with piece works in bridges, roads projects but apa CDF nipakamwa cave (is just s lip service).”

Mwale accused the PF government of merely saying things without following the talk with action.

He warned PF that it was too late to lie about anything because people were now awake to differentiate between truth and a lie.

“People are awake. Our colleagues in PF are masters in speaking but implementation ni ziii (silence)! They always say tizacita ici, tizacita ivi but in practice those things are not seen and are not happening. They are professional liars and not professional implementers. Look, as I stated, there are no jobs for the youths but they had said they will create jobs for us, they said they will improve agriculture but you are there to witness if truly they have improved it. Now a farmer depends on a briefcase buyer than government because there is hope in a briefcase buyer than government,” he said.

He therefore called on Zambians never to be cheated again.

He advised Zambians should choose credible leaders who could implement what they say like the UPND under Hakainde Hichilema as its policies side with Zambians and not the few who aim to enrich themselves.

However, recently district PF secretary Best Mwanza explained that the PF government has engaged in a lot of projects in both Sinda and Kapoche constituencies, which most Zambians were able to see that the PF government under president Edgar Chagwa Lungu was a serious and able administration.

He cited developments like culverts, bridges, boreholes, schools construction and renovations, church donations and many other developments which were visible in various wards, spread without considering the political landscape of those areas.

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