PF HAS LOST LEGITIMACY… we need to go back to the ballot, says Changala

[By Chambwa Moonga and Oliver Chisenga]

BREBNER Changala has charged that 90 per cent of President Edgar Lungu’s actions border on criminality.

Changala, a governance activist, said the general citizenry should demand an early election.

“We need to go back to the ballot to confirm the mandate of PF as a matter of confidence or no confidence. They have become a danger to the very people who voted for them,” Changala said.

“They have become a danger to the very Constitution that they swore to uphold and protect. We need an early election because they have lost their legitimacy to stay in power a day longer. They do not have the mandate to finish the five-year term – they have become treasonous to our Statehood. They are now inimical to our survival!”

Changala called The Mast and lamented that the mutilation of the Republican Constitution under the auspices of President Lungu was now unbearable.

“I, as Brebner Changala, cannot take it anymore,” Changala said.

He observed that the police had no right and that were not supported by any law to be giving permits to citizens for whatever activity.

Changala said the police was only supposed to be notified seven days before an event and “that was settled in Christine Mulundika and others versus the Attorney General.”

“The people of Zambia are being abused by the police under the command of Mr [Kakoma] Kanganja. It is now an acceptable norm that for people to assemble and associate to communicate, they need a police permit,” he noted.

“The opposition have failed to assemble, associate and communicate to their followers because of this issue of a police permit requirement. But there is nowhere in the Constitution where anybody needs a police permit to assemble and associate. This is clearly abuse of political power by the PF and it has been tolerated because nobody interrogated this, including the media.”

Changala challenged Inspector General of Police Kanganja to say very clearly whether or not Zambians needed a police permit in to congregate, associate and “celebrate whatever achievements in their lives.”

“If there is no provision in the law, Kanganja must be held to account in his personal capacity,” he said.

“It is high time we started prosecuting public officers without any loss of money on the public treasury because their conduct borders on criminality. When they take up office, they swear to uphold and protect the Constitution. [But] this is the very Constitution that they have risen against and they are abusing the people of Zambia in their docility. So, I ask the media to speak to the government, through the Attorney General and the chief government spokesperson to get their position on the matter of this police permit.”

Changala regretted that Zambia was sliding into dictatorship with citizens’ eyes wide open.

“The country is becoming a police State,” he noted.

“We want to know the position of the government on the issue of the police permit and where the term of permit came from. Who gave the police powers to issue police permits?”

Changala said time would come when the PF would lose power.

He said once that time comes, there would be need to establish a Commission of Inquiry on the period that President Lungu was administering over Zambia.

“Who gave instructions to the police to harass a citizen like Fred M’membe? Why are they occupying his house in Shiwang’andu? 90 per cent of his (President Lungu’s) actions are either illegal or they border on criminality. That must be investigated,” noted Changala. “We need to know why there has been a breakdown in the rule of law under his administration while he keeps a blind eye to the abuse men and women in uniform have committed against their fellow citizens. We need to find answers as to whether State House is under State capture… There’s a third hand that is controlling State House. These issues I’m raising are pertinent to the administration of the rule of law in the Republic of Zambia.”

And National Restoration Party Secretary General Ezra Ngulube has called for early elections to save the country from further damage.

He says the country is in intensive care unit and in need of immediate treatment.

In a statement, Ngulube said the PF had no capacity to manage the affairs of the nation and the economy.

“As much as PF would want a re-election come 2021, things are not okay in the nation. In short the country is in intensive care unit and in need of immediate treatment. Things are not okay, all the ministries and all government institutions are not operating effectively, why? Because the PF have no capacity to manage the affairs of the nation and the economy,” Ngulube said.

Owing to the many challenges under the PF government, NAREP called for early polls to save the country from further damage.

“We shall not sort out the challenges and the problems we have today at the same level of thinking we were at when we were creating them. That’s why we as NAREP are calling for change of government come 2021. If anything, to save this country, we are calling for an early election. An early election would do this country better than to wait for 2021.”

Ngulube lamented that most government ministries were in need of agent attention owing to their low and mediocre performance.

“If you look at all the government ministries, for example, Ministry of Agriculture, it is in ICU as it is evident by the skyrocketing prices of mealie-meal and late farming input delivery to the farmers. Ministry of Mines is in ICU as it is evident by the lowest record of copper production and massive job losses in the mining sector. Ministry of Home Affairs is in ICU as it is evident by the lawlessness and high levels of crime. Ministry of Tourism where Zambia is no longer a tourist destination because the government has no money to invest in the tourism sector,” Ngulube said.

“The Ministry of Health also is in the ICU. We even wonder how they are able to treat the ICU patients because they are also a victim as it is evident by lack of drugs and medical equipment in our health posts. Ministry of Energy is also a victim as it is evident by the high prices of fuel and the sudden increase of load-shedding hours.”

Ngulube wondered which government ministry had a better performance lately.

He further said allowing the PF carry on would be very difficult for the country to recover.

NAREP appealed to President Edgar Lungu to dissolve Parliament and call for an early election, as it was the only way the country would be preserved from further damage.

“Where are we going to run to as a country? The only country that God has given to us is Zambia and it is our responsibility to protect it, preserve it and pass it on to our children’s children. God has stopped distributing countries and the county that God has given to us is Zambia. As NAREP, we would like to appeal to the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to dissolve Parliament and call for an early election because that’s the only way we can preserve this country and pass it on to future generations,” said Ngulube.

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