Spar corrects m/meal price ‘error’

BREAKFAST mealie-meal in Livingstone hits a K170 price tag for a 25-kilogramme bag.

And UPND southern Province secretary Winnerson Ng’uni says Zambians are in trouble under the PF regime.

However, Spar Supermarket, which sold the commodity at K172.50 later reversed it to K159.90 citing an error.

A senior sales official who declined to be identified told this reporter that people that had bought the commodity at K172.50 should get back to the outlet and get a refund upon production of a receipt.

“It was an error and people will be refunded upon production of receipts,” the sale official said without elaborating what could have led to the said error.

A survey by The Mast on Sunday night in the main business district revealed that mealie-meal had run out in Shoprite while at the same outlet at the Musi-oa-Tunya Mall, a 25-kilogramme bag of breakfast mealie-meal was pegged at slightly over K144.

In residential areas, Zimbabwean mealie-meal has flooded the tourist capital with a 25-kilogramme bag being sold for K100 and a 10-kilogramme bag is K55.

And Ng’uni said the PF government was to blame for the current mealie-meal price crisis.

“They did not listen to advice not to export maize, just imagine, we exported maize to Zimbabwe and now we are getting mealie-meal from that country. The Zimbabweans are now making money over our maize as they can afford to offload it on the Zambian market. We further call on the customs officials at the Victoria Falls boarder not to victimise poor Zambians who are importing the mealie-meal into Zambia, mainly on bicycles at the risk of being trumped upon by elephants,” he said.

“Simply put; Zambians are in trouble because it is the poor who are hard hit with this hunger crisis, especially in rural areas. If in Livingstone the cost can be K172, what about in Dundumwenzi or Kabanga? It is a crisis,” said Ng’uni.

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