Siliya comment on HH donation despicable – Tembo

REPORTS that Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya is against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema donating a generator to Chawama Hospital in Lusaka because of his tribe are despicable, laments Potipher Tembo.

Tembo, a former Lusaka deputy mayor, said the PF’s obsession over Hichilema’s noble humanitarian gestures to fellow citizens was abhorrent and absurd.

“It doesn’t need a debate that the people of Chawama need a generator at Chawama Hospital in order to cope with the massive and unprecedented load shedding caused by the PF’s own poor planning, and subsequent failure to diversify hydro electricity generation, to other alternative sources of energy,” Tembo said.

He said it was an open secret that the need for a generator at Chawama Hospital had been unresolved, noting that no one in the PF, including their current member of parliament and his predecessor, had offered a workable solution to help patients at the hospital.

He said the issue of a generators had been outstanding at the institution which caters for 200,000 people.

“No one in the PF, including their current MP and his predecessor, has come out with a workable solution to help patients at Chawama hospital. The current generator donated by President Rupiah Bwezani Banda during the MMD, at the request of neighborhood health committee of which I was the chairman, broke down years ago,” he said.

Tembo said he was dismayed at the hullabaloo response of the entire PF at Hichilema’s humanitarian hand in his quest to ease the nightmares at the hospital due to load-shedding.

“But when president Hakainde Hichilema extends a humanitarian hand by offering to donate a generator, to ease the nightmares due to load-shedding with which both patients and doctors are subjected to, the whole PF goes into concert and hell breaks loose. The other day Bowman Lusambo mocked President Hichilema’s humanitarian intention to donate mealie-meal to hunger stricken people in Chongwe suggesting that he instead donates to his people in Bweengwa and the cows of Southern Province and we all know he was referring to our people there,” Tembo said.

He lamented that the statement from PF leaders to Hichilema was shameful, tribal and an embarrassment to the core.

“Now Dora Siliya repeats the same narratives that President Hichilema must not donate the generator to the people of Chawama but to the people of Bweengwa and yet staff at Chawama Hospital currently use candles. As an Easterner myself, like Dora Siliya, and most importantly as a patriot who loves his country, this shameful tribal behaviour from PF leaders embarrasses me to the core.”

“Should I only be expected to extend humanitarian help to the people of Eastern Province because that’s where I come from? What sort of politicking is this?” Tembo wondered.

He urged people of Chawama and all citizens to have a close look at the PF leaders’ tribal reasoning.

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