Citizens need to be healthy to be wealthy – ZANACO

CITIZENS need to be healthy to be wealthy, says Zanaco chief executive officer Henk Mulder.

Mulder said financial wellness makes a significant contribution to general wellness.

In a speech read on his behalf by chief credit officer Kalengo Simukoko during the launch of ‘Zanaco does wellness’ at EastPark Mall in Lusaka on Saturday, Mulder said Zanaco bank was committed to facilitate the growth of people by improving their health.

He said Zanaco had been on an ambitious journey to be the top transactional bank by 2020.

“One of our commitments is to facilitate the growth of people, communities and ultimately the economy. This growth is not only limited to financial growth but improving health as well. We are committed to the people in communities that we serve, as well as to the people of Zambia. In our responsibility to communities, our focus as a bank has shifted,” he said.

Mulder said Zanaco had embarked on pillars of physical wellness, financial wellness and environmental wellness.

“As we designed programmes to share value, we identified wellness as one of the great needs in our society. It is for this reason that the bank has developed a wellness programme debbed ‘Zanaco Does Wellness’. Our goal is to help citizens improve their knowledge around the three pillars that significantly contribute to individual wellness. These pillars are physical wellness, financial wellness and environmental wellness,” he said.

He said financial wellness makes significant contribution to the general wellness of the people.

“We encourage the adoption of basic financial management principles such as financial planning, saving, investing and debt management,” Mulder said.

“However, we took cognisance of the fact that citizens need to be healthy to be wealthy. On the other hand, wealth creates an opportunity for better health and general wellness options for individuals and families and prevention of stress arising from financial mismanagement.”

Mulder said his bank was partnering with small and medium scale businesses to improve satisfaction of customer needs.

Mulder further urged Zambians to join hands in the implementation of ‘Zanaco Does Wellness’ programmes of fitness and health.

“We are also certain of the importance of physical wellness such as healthy eating, physical exercise as exhibited today, and being generally cautious of one’s health. As you are aware, our society is currently battling with lifestyle diseases which can be prevented with the right information and skills. We also commit to environmental wellness. We believe that our surroundings should be kept clean,” said Mulder.

And Simukoko said Zanaco had performed very well despite the economic challenges in the country.

He said Zanaco had made banking system convenient with the digital system, which were in operation.

“Our customer base has improve tremendously because we have strong partnership with people in the running and management of a bank,” said Simukoko.

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